VMRC 2023 Episode 2: Exciting Changes and Thrilling Competition

After an intense start in the first stage, the second stage of the Vietnam Motorcycle Racing Championship 2023 (VMRC 2023) sponsored by Honda Vietnam has returned to Dai Nam last weekend with exciting changes and surprising performances from talented racers.


The official start at Dai Nam racetrack, Binh Duong Province on July 23, 2023, 63 riders in 5 categories of competition with the same passion for speed have brought the audience a passionate and thrilling atmosphere with fierce battles.

Stage 2 VMRC 2023: Interesting changes with thrilling races say00179.jpg

Especially, stage 2 VMRC 2023 took place with some interesting changes to create excitement for the riders and fans. Specifically, this is the first time the race is held in the morning to create conditions for the riders to perform better due to having more energy in the morning, at the same time, the fans also have more time to experience more activities, have more time to celebrate with the riders and teams.

In addition, the track has also been changed with a shorter total length but increased difficulty with more turns, require riders to master handling skills, vehicle control as well as their own competitive spirit and physical strength to be able to create breakthroughs on the track. Accordingly, the length of Dai Nam racetrack has been reduced to 1,800m, the longest straight line is 400m, the total number of turns is 15, including 9 right turns and 6 left turns.

Stage 2 VMRC 2023: Interesting changes with thrilling races say00237.jpg

Stage 2 VMRC 2023 takes place in sunny weather with a temperature of only over 29 degrees, the sky is cloudy. This is favorable weather for the riders to comfortably show off their skills.

Vietnam Talent Cup – NSF 100 category

Stage 2 VMRC 2023: Interesting changes with thrilling races nsf-100.jpg

The first race of stage 2 VMRC 2023 is still Vietnam Talent Cup – NSF 100 category, a race for young talents from 13-17 years old to show themselves. After the opening race, the first 3 positions of the young talented race belong to 3 boys: Nguyen Trung Kien (16 points), Perez Pham Jordi Nam (13 points), and Tran Ngo Khoa (11 points).

Stage 2 VMRC 2023: Interesting changes with thrilling races nsf-100-2.jpg

Exploiting the pole position in qualifying, rider Nguyen Trung Kien (wearing number 40) with stable performance and smooth handling through the turns finished in first position, marking 2 consecutive stage victories. The second position belongs to Vo Nhat Duy (wearing number 63). This is a very impressive effort from rider number 63 as he started in 6th position but unexpectedly climbed to chase the leader. Meanwhile, the third position belongs to rider Truong Duc Tri (wearing number 82). This is a very remarkable improvement in ranking for Duc Tri, when he finished stage 1 of the race in 10th position.

Blade 110 category

After the exciting NSF 100 race, we continue to immerse ourselves in the passionate atmosphere of the Blade 110 race. Compared to the previous race, Dai Nam racetrack has more turns, promising to bring more challenges and unexpected variables in the race for first place.

Stage 2 VMRC 2023: Interesting changes with thrilling races blade-110.jpg

In race 1, Blade 110cc category witnessed a surprise from the first finisher – Hoang Van Thanh – a rookie rider attending a professional race for the first time. However, in race 1, Hoang Van Thanh will face more challenges as he starts in 7th position. Meanwhile, riders like Le Tran Kim Thanh, Nguyen Duc Hoai Thuong, and Nguyen Thien Duy are the riders who have the advantage of starting in the front positions.

In the first lap, the Blade 110 category has witnessed fierce competitions and intense racing. There was an unfortunate incident in the Blade110 category when there was a collision between 2 riders at the final turn, causing a female rider to lose control and crash through the fence with quite serious injuries. We wish the female athlete a speedy recovery to continue pursuing her speed passion.

Meanwhile, rider Le Tran Kim Thanh has shown impressive performance, consistently leading the race and often distancing himself from the chasing group. It is not surprising that Le Tran Kim Thanh is the first to reach the finish line in stage 2 of VMRC 2023. It can be said that stage 2 has marked a great performance by Le Tran Kim Thanh. He played extremely stable to defend the first position throughout 8 laps in this stage.

Stage 2 VMRC 2023: Interesting changes with thrilling races blade-110-2.jpg

Finishing in second position is rider Nguyen Thien Duy. The third and fourth positions respectively belong to the lady Nguyen Truong Hai Yen and rider Nguyen Duc Hoai Thuong. Although Nguyen Truong Hai Yen could not replicate the achievement of winning stage 2 as she did in the VMRC 2022 season, getting the third position on the podium in stage 2 of VMRC 2023 is still an impressive achievement for this lady.

Winner X150 category

The third race of stage 2 VMRC 2023 is Winner X 150. This category is always highly anticipated by the fans to witness intense and thrilling competitions among the riders. It is worth noting that before the final category took place, heavy rain poured at the racetrack. Initially, the organizers and referees decided to cancel the final category to ensure the safety of the riders. However, after more than 1 hour, the rain eased, and the track conditions were suitable for racing, so the UB150 category continued.

Stage 2 VMRC 2023: Interesting changes with thrilling races winner-x150.jpg

After intense competition, rider Huynh Minh Sang (wearing number 28) reached the first position. The second position belongs to rider Le Hung Huu Tin (wearing number 11) and the third position belongs to Nguyen Tan Loc (wearing number 88).

Stage 2 VMRC 2023: Interesting changes with thrilling races winner-x150-2.jpg

The second stage of VMRC 2023 has officially ended with a thrilling and breath-taking atmosphere. The riders have given their best efforts to dedicate the most outstanding performances to speed enthusiasts. See you all in stage 3.

Anh Quan (forum.autodaily.vn)