Results of UB150 Race Stage 3 ARRC 2022

The third leg of the ARRC 2022 UB150 Ranking Race concluded this afternoon at Sugo Circuit in Japan, with two Honda Racing Vietnam riders finishing in 18th and 19th place respectively.


With positions like that, Nguyen Anh Tuan (#173) and Nguyen Duc Thanh (#193) will have to make a lot of effort if they want to achieve a high ranking in the official race tomorrow (August 13).

UB150 Ranking Race Results Stage 3 ARRC 2022 2022-rd03-ub150-q.jpg

UB150 ranking race results.

UB150 Ranking Race Results Stage 3 ARRC 2022 arrc-2022-r3-practice-qualify-05.jpgNguyen Anh Tuan racing on Sugo Circuit this evening.

Stage 3 of the 2022 ARRC Asia Motorcycle Racing Championship takes place from August 12-14 at the Sugo Circuit racetrack in Japan. This is also the first time this international-scale race has been held at Sugo Circuit, known as one of the top-class racetracks in the Land of the Rising Sun, with a spectator capacity of 50,000 and a total area of ​​up to 2.1 million m2, built as a complex, according to FIA Grade 2 international standards.

UB150 Ranking Race Results Stage 3 ARRC 2022 arrc-2022-r3-practice-qualify-011.jpgNguyen Duc Thanh,

The racetrack has a total length of 3,704 km with 13 corners, and the longest straight section is 704.5m. As a newly chosen racetrack in the Asian Motorcycle Racing Championship, the racetrack structure of Sugo Circuit may be the highlight that creates the difference, as well as a challenge for the racers.

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