VMRC 2022 Racing Tournament – Stage 1 Set to Start in Binh Duong

On May 8, 2022, the first leg of the Vietnam Motorcycle Racing Championship (VMRC 2022), sponsored by Honda Vietnam Company (HVN), will officially take place at Dai Nam racetrack, Binh Duong province.


Entering its 4th season, VMRC 2022 will have 6 race stages with the expected schedule as follows:

Race Stage

Location (Expected)

Time 2022 (Expected)


Dai Nam Racing Track, Binh Duong

May 8


Binh Duong

June 25 – 26


Long An

July 30 – 31


Binh Duong

September 24 – 25



October 29 – 30


Binh Duong

December 10 – 11

Regarding the race categories, VMRC 2022 is the first season that CBR150R is included in the official competition, and the organizer also upgrades the category for Vietnamese racing teams from UB130 to UB150 to keep up with the technology trend of major races in the region.

Racing season VMRC 2022 – Stage 1 ready to start in Binh Duong Honda Vietnam boosts motorcycle sports activities in the 2022 season anh-general.jpg

Specifically, the racing categories in this year’s season will include 5 categories as follows:

Vietnam Talent Cup: Category using the NSF100 sports bike model, for young racers from 13 to 17 years old who have never competed in VMRC before. This is the second year that this category is included in the competition.

Blade 110: Category using the Blade 110cc customized bike model, for young racers from 18 to 20 years old who have never competed in VMRC before.

Winner 150: Category to develop racers who have experience competing in the MSX 125/Blade 110 and Vietnam Talent Cup categories of the previous season. Racers will use the new 2022 Winner X bike model customized by HVN technicians to compete.

CBR150R: This is the first year that this category is included in the VMRC competition. By using the Honda CBR150R sports motorcycle model imported and officially launched in the Vietnamese market on September 29, 2021, the organizers expect to increase competitiveness and enhance racer experience with the CBR150R sports motorcycle model.

UB 150: UB150 is the category for racing teams in Vietnam. This is the second category changed for the 2022 season, where teams will customize the Winner X bike to participate in the competition, with a maximum registration of 02 bikes per team.

As usual, the organizers will carefully select racers before the start of the first stage of the race. Just after 7 days of registration opening, the race has attracted over 150 registration forms. The VMRC 2022 racer selection phase at the track will take place on May 4th and 5th, 2022 with the expected search for 7 racers to compete in the Vietnam Talent Cup category, 12 racers to compete in the Blade 110cc category, 12 racers to compete in the WinnerX 150 category, 12 racers to compete in the CBR150R category, and nearly 20 racers to compete in the UB150 category.

Racing season VMRC 2022 – Stage 1 ready to start in Binh Duong Summary of Vietnam Motorcycle Racing 2020: Overcoming difficulties for success Stage 3 VMRC 2020: Duc Thanh shines, Dong Nghi impresses 44.jpg

Activities before the 1st Stage of the race on May 8th are as follows:

– “Gymkhana” competition for spectators to participate in experiencing the racing model. Through this activity, players will have the opportunity to approach the professional sports motorcycle model, thereby helping customers enhance their awareness of legally organized professional race stages.

– Mini racetrack for children “Kid training”: Designed specifically for young racers aged 3-12 who are passionate about speed. The program includes 2 activities: balance bike racing for children aged 3-6 and CRF50 driving experience for children aged 7-12. The activities will take place in the morning of May 8th.

In addition, there are many other experiential activities with attractive gifts from Honda Authorized Stores and Dealers and other sponsors for the VMRC 2022 race.

Trang Nguyen (Forum.autodaily.vn)