Presenting at the Japan Auto Exhibition 2023, Suzuki has introduced the concept version of the new generation Swift. This concept model is considered to have a design that is not significantly different from the commercial version that will be launched in 2024.

The current generation of Suzuki Swift has been on the market for 8 years since its launch in 2016. Therefore, many people expect the new generation to have significant changes. However, contrary to expectations, the design of the newly launched concept is just like a minor upgrade in the life cycle.

According to the announcement, the Suzuki Swift 2024 is 3,860mm long, 1,695mm wide, and 1,500mm high, with a wheelbase of 2,450mm. These dimensions are almost similar to the previous generation.

The front of the new Suzuki Swift has a round-shaped grille with honeycomb pattern, smaller in size than before. The Suzuki S logo has been moved to the hood instead of being in the middle of the grille as it is now. The headlights have a new design, combined with a smaller air vent on the front bumper, with added faux aluminum trim. The body of the car still maintains a two-tone style, with the pillars and roof of the car painted black. The rear door handle has a traditional design, instead of being hidden behind the C-pillar like the previous generation. In addition, the car is also equipped with diamond-cut 5-spoke alloy wheels with a sporty design.

At the rear, the LED taillights are smaller in size, square in shape, combined with dark-colored plastic housing. The rear bumper is painted black and integrates two horizontal reflector lights.

The interior of the Suzuki Swift 2024 concept has a similar layout to the Baleno sibling. The car is equipped with a new 9-inch infotainment screen, integrated with a touch-sensitive shortcut system. The steering wheel comes with buttons similar to other Suzuki models. The air conditioning adjustment buttons are toggle type, instead of the circular buttons as before. Behind the steering wheel are two symmetrical analog gauges, combined with a central information screen.

One interesting thing is that the Suzuki Swift 2024 is still equipped with a CD player despite having an integrated infotainment screen. Explaining this issue, the company mentioned that many customers in Japan still have a habit of using CD players.

Although it is an affordable model, the Swift is equipped with fairly modern safety technology. On the new generation, this hatchback model will be supplemented with new features including emergency automatic braking, forward collision warning, active headlights and driver monitoring system.

The company has not revealed much about the engine of the Suzuki Swift 2024, but stated that the car uses a CVT transmission and is more fuel efficient than the previous generation. According to some sources, this Japanese car model will have at least 3 engine options, including a traditional petrol engine, a mild-hybrid engine, and a “strong hybrid” version for the European market.


Thai Son (Tuoitrethudo)

Reference: Carscoops