Recently, the data statistics website Focus2move has released the top 10 best-selling car models in Southeast Asia after the first 3 quarters of 2023.

Looking at this list of the top 10 best-selling cars, it can be seen the clear difference in the preferences of Vietnamese users compared to the rest of ASEAN.

Accordingly, the Toyota Hilux is the best-selling car model in Southeast Asia after the first 3 quarters of 2023 with sales reaching 154,100 units, a 6.5% decrease compared to the same period last year. In the Vietnamese market, Hilux is not popular among users and only recorded a modest sales of 106 units in the first 9 months of 2023.

The second best-selling car model in the Southeast Asian market is the Isuzu D-Max with sales of 126,192 units, a 19.7% decrease compared to the same period last year. This model has a quite low sales in the Vietnamese market, with only 393 units sold in the past 9 months.

Perhaps the largest contribution to the sales of Hilux and D-Max comes from users in Thailand. This is the second largest new car market after Indonesia and the most popular pickup truck market in the region.

Ranking third in the list is the Perodua Myvi with sales of 86,281 units, an 8.3% increase compared to the same period last year. This model is currently not available in the Vietnamese car market. Perodua also has a representative ranking 10th on this list, which is the Bezza with sales of 51,735 units.

Myvi and Bezza are both well-liked car models among consumers in Malaysia. This country is also the third largest car market in the region, following Indonesia and Thailand.

The remaining names in the top 10 are Honda City with sales of 81,668 units; Honda HR-V with sales of 73,547 units; Mitsubishi Xpander with sales of 71,959 units; Ford Ranger with sales of 64,187 units; Toyota Vios with sales of 62,929 units; and Toyota Avanza with sales of 58,574 units.

These are mostly familiar and popular car models in the Vietnamese market. Specifically, in the past 9 months, Mitsubishi Xpander is currently the leading car model in the market with sales reaching 14,187 units. Ford Ranger, Toyota Vios, and Honda City are also regularly among the top 10 best-selling cars in Vietnam.

Toyota Avanza, although not popular in Vietnam, is also selling well in the Indonesian market. The sales of Avanza in this market account for 77% of total sales in the entire region.

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