This is a list of the top 10 car brands with the best audio systems in the world, compiled based on various important factors such as price, number of speakers, impressive features, sound quality, and clarity.

Land Rover: Meridian

Land Rover Range Rover is equipped with an audio system from the Meridian brand, including 34 speakers, two-channel subwoofers, and a 1,600W amplifier. Using Meridian Trifield 3D technology, this system can create sounds as if it is being performed live. In terms of technology features, the premium Meridian audio system is equipped with digital signal processing, spatial sound effects, and active noise cancellation. In addition, the latest Range Rover model is also equipped with third-generation active noise cancellation technology with exterior microphones and headrest speakers that can create quiet zones in the cabin.

The Meridian audio system is available on most Land Rover models. Additionally, if customers want to enjoy the audio experience that Meridian Audio brings on a more affordable vehicle, the Kia EV6 would be a suitable choice.

Mercedes-Benz: Burmester

As one of the most popular luxury car models in the world, Mercedes-Benz S-Class boasts a high-quality audio system from Burmester. This audio system is priced at $6,800 and includes 30 speakers, 6 of which are dual FrontBass subwoofers integrated with 3D and an additional subwoofer in the trunk with a 400W amplifier. In addition, the car is equipped with an interior ambient lighting system that can illuminate according to the rhythm of the music.

The three-pointed star brand also offers the Burmester audio system on other car models, but the S-Class provides the best audio experience.

Acura: ELS

The ELS Premium Audio system in the Acura MDX is considered an excellent choice for customers who want to have a good audio experience at an affordable price. Offered as an option on the Acura MDX, the ELS Premium Audio comes with 12 speakers for much better sound than more expensive audio systems.

Those who are truly passionate about audio will want to own the MDX Type S Advance. This version is equipped with the Studio 3D Signature Edition audio system with 25 speakers and 1000W. This system features high-fidelity carbon speakers, including six Highline speakers that double the clarity of the sound, providing clearer bass and adding depth to both vocals and instruments.

Cadillac Escalade: AKG

The Cadillac Escalade is popular for its powerful appearance, luxurious interior, and modern features. In addition, the audio system in this large-size SUV is also highly regarded. The Escalade is equipped with a 19-speaker AKG audio system on the standard version. The higher-end versions are equipped with the AKG Studio Reference audio system with 36 speakers, including front and rear subwoofers. The Escalade not only has speakers in the doors and control panel but also has speakers in the headrest area, creating a highly immersive 3D surround sound experience.

Nissan Kicks: Bose

The Nissan Kicks has been rated as the best mainstream car with the best audio system by CarBuzz. The car is equipped with the Bose Personal Plus speaker system, but only in the highest trim level. The system includes a total of 8 speakers, and 2 of them are UltraNearfield speakers placed on the driver’s seat headrest. Nissan states that this Bose speaker system uses PersonalSpace signal processing to create a 360-degree surround sound enveloping the car. Therefore, the quality reproduced is more impressive than many more expensive Bose audio systems found in other car models.

BMW/Volvo: Harman Kardon

The BMW iX comes standard with the Harman Kardon audio system with 18 speakers and 560W, but there is an option to upgrade to the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system with 30 speakers and 1,615W. This excellent surround sound system includes Nautilus Diamond Dome tweeters and Shy Tech speakers hidden around the cabin to provide the best sound.

The Volvo Bowers & Wilkins audio system is priced at $3,200 and only appears on specific high-end models. On the XC90, this system features 19 speakers around the car, including tweeters. The audio system integrates 4 different music playback modes to provide a dynamic sound experience like a live performance.

Audi: Bang & Olufsen

Many Audi models are equipped with the Bang & Olufsen audio system, but the S8 provides the most impressive experience. This sports coupe model comes standard with a 17-speaker Bang & Olufsen speaker system. For an additional $5,900, customers can upgrade to the 3D sound system with 23 speakers around the car. The cheaper Audi models equipped with the Bang & Olufsen system still offer good audio quality. In addition to Audi, some high-end Ford models also have the B&O speaker system.

Bentley: Naim

Bentley cars are equipped with the exclusive Naim audio system. This system includes 21 speakers, combined with a 2,200W amplifier and four 6×9-inch subwoofers. Thanks to Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, the Naim audio system can adjust the music to fit different seating positions in the car.

Jeep: McIntosh

Jeep vehicles are equipped with the exclusive McIntosh audio system. The Wagoneer or Grand Cherokee has a 19-speaker audio system with a power of 950W. The Grand Wagoneer has a higher-end audio system with 23 speakers and a power of 1,375W. Both speaker systems feature unique adaptive 3D surround sound processing technology and LD/HP speaker designs to maintain true and vibrant music quality even at high volumes.

The system can automatically adjust according to the type of music, meaning that the driver does not need to take their eyes off the road to change their settings. Rear-seat passengers can listen to their own content using headphones and the integrated Amazon FireTV with streaming capabilities.

Lexus: Mark Levinson

The Mark Levinson audio system is equipped on various Lexus models, but the LC 500 and LS 500 provide the best audio experience. The LC 500 is favored by many customers for its powerful V8 engine and the Mark Levinson speakers inside the cabin. However, for those who need spacious comfort for long journeys, the Lexus LS 500 may be a better choice. In addition, the audio experience on the LS 500 is also rated as the best among all Lexus products.

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