Recently, a Japanese car manufacturer revealed a new design that brings a difference to the Toyota Century SUV model, which is the electric sliding door.

Until now, sliding doors have been commonly used on vehicles like vans and minivans to provide comfort and ease of entry for passengers.

However, this design has not been widely used on compact cars or SUVs as when the sliding door is closed, the rear half of the vehicle body will expose the rail, which is not aesthetically pleasing.

Nevertheless, Toyota has found a solution to this problem and applied it to the newly launched Century SUV model.

The Japanese car manufacturer collaborated with Aisin, a well-known Japanese automotive component supplier, to develop a completely new structure for the electric door. This sliding door will be operated with a lever to lock, close, and open the door, allowing users to easily enter and exit, saving space in tight places when closing/opening the door. Moreover, it does not affect the design and aesthetics of the vehicle.

The Toyota Century SUV was launched in Japan in September and is positioned as Toyota’s most luxurious and versatile sports car, even above the Lexus LX600.

According to the announcement, the Toyota Century SUV has a selling price of about $167,000 (over 4 billion VND) in the Japanese market, nearly five times higher than the price of the standard Land Cruiser (34,000 USD – 825 million VND).

Source: Tuoitrethudo