Quick review of Yamaha Grande – compact and fuel-efficient scooter for women

The all-new Yamaha Grande brings a range of premium and convenient features for users. Notably, the bike also features an advanced Blue Core Hybrid engine, which helps to save more fuel.


On September 22, 2022, Yamaha Motor Vietnam introduced an upgraded version of the Grande scooter model with additional features. The scooter is positioned in the premium segment, with a youthful and fashionable appearance, yet still elegant and sophisticated, suitable for young female customers in Vietnam.

In the new version, the price of the 2022 Grande scooter is also adjusted, ranging from 45.2 – 51 million VND for 6 variants. Among them, the standard Grande Hybrid variant is priced at 45.2 million VND; the limited Grande Hybrid variant is priced at 49.6 million VND; and the special Grande Hybrid variant is priced at 49.1 million VND.

Next, let’s take a closer look at this scooter through the quick review of the Yamaha Grande.

Yamaha Grande

The Yamaha Grande features a classic, elegant, and luxurious design with sleeker curves.

The front mask of the scooter features a diamond-shaped design along with LED lights, which enhances the lighting performance.

Especially, the front fairing also features an additional LED strip for daytime running lights, giving a more youthful and less monotonous feel while still maintaining characteristic femininity.

 The turn signals of the scooter are also sleekly designed and placed vertically, similar to the daytime running lights. Additionally, the turn signals have a blinking function to indicate when the rider presses the find vehicle button on the key.

 như phần tay cầm sau yên hay đuôi xe được làm dài hơn,

The rear handlebar and tail of the scooter are elongated. The seat height is 79 cm, which is suitable for the stature of Vietnamese people, especially women.

The taillight of the scooter also utilizes LED technology with a minimalist design.

Xe được trang bị hệ thống phanh ABS nâng cao tính năng an toàn.

The scooter is equipped with an advanced ABS braking system for enhanced safety.

In the 2022 version, the Yamaha Grande is equipped with an electronic display with a diamond-shaped design similar to the headlight and better color visibility. In addition to speed, current time, fuel level, the display can also show call notifications, messages, emails, and phone battery status when connected to a device. Notably, Yamaha also includes the Y-connect app for the Grande which helps to easily and quickly find parking spots and provides recommendations for maintenance and oil changes.

Beneath the seat is a spacious storage compartment with a capacity of up to 27 liters, allowing for the storage of a laptop, helmet, etc. Inside the storage compartment, there is also a practical LED light, phone charger, and storage compartment.

The fuel filler cap is conveniently located in front, making refueling easy. The premium variant of the scooter will be equipped with a smart key system.

The side stand and rear footrest for the pillion are now equipped with electric functions, simply tap to easily deploy.

 The Yamaha Grande deluxe variant uses the Blue Core Hybrid 125cc engine, air-cooled, with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and an intelligent generator system similar to the previous generation. The Blue Core Hybrid engine helps reduce fuel consumption of the new Grande to only 1.66 liters per 100 km, which is more economical than the previous model at 1.69 liters per 100 km. As a result, this is still the most fuel-efficient scooter in Vietnam.

In addition, it is equipped with a Temporary Engine Cut-Off (Stop and Start System) that automatically cuts off the engine when the scooter is stopped and restarts when the rider twists the throttle.

The weight of the scooter is also not too heavy, only 101 kg, making it easier to push. However, that is also a drawback as the scooter is lightweight, which may cause difficulties for female riders in strong winds.