According to The Autodaily, the President of the United States is one of the most heavily protected individuals in the world, even when he goes out for a jog. As a result, the President’s convoy is always arranged with the highest level of security no matter where he is in the world. This convoy is often referred to as the “mobile White House” and consists of armored vehicles and support vehicles for any situation the President and his convoy may encounter.

Depending on the circumstances, the positioning of the vehicles in the convoy will vary to optimize safety and efficiency, and sometimes the President may not even be inside the vehicle when the convoy is moving. Here are the types of vehicles that are always present in the President’s convoy at any given time and anywhere in the world:

1. Route scout and escort vehicles: The route scout vehicle checks the route and provides information to the convoy, while the escort vehicle drives just ahead of the convoy and is often accompanied by motorcycle police officers to clear intersections, overpasses, or highways.

2. Road-clearing vehicles: These vehicles, often a motorcade of motorcycles or patrol cars, are responsible for announcing and clearing the way ahead of the convoy to ensure a smooth and steady speed.

3. Lead vehicles: The lead vehicle is considered the “brain” of the convoy, providing instructions and making key decisions for the entire movement. It acts as a buffer between what’s in front of it and the President’s vehicle. It could be a suburban SUV from the Secret Service, a designated police vehicle at the destination, or any vehicle chosen by the Secret Service.

4. Electronic warfare vehicle “Watchtower”: This vehicle is equipped with antennas and a vertical mast to actively interfere with communication signals and remotely detonate devices. Additionally, the vehicle’s security system can detect small unmanned aerial vehicles through shortwave radar. If a threat is detected, the vehicle can alert the convoy with laser beams and shortwave radar while disrupting the attack.

5. Attack team vehicle nicknamed “Hawkeye Renegade”: This team usually consists of black Suburbans or other large SUVs with police lights, standing platforms for agents to stand outside, and a rear hatch with heavily armed and armored special forces personnel with assault rifles in a ready position.

In addition to the mentioned vehicles, the President’s convoy may also include various other vehicles such as support vehicles, press vehicles, intelligence personnel transport vehicles called “ID Car,” White House Media Office vehicles called “Roadrunner,” ambulances, rear-guard security vehicles (mostly motorcycles or local patrol vehicles), and helicopters if necessary.

Though rarely deployed, there are also armored buses customized to serve the President and his entourage called “Ground Force One.”

This is the lineup of vehicles that make up the President’s convoy and ensure the highest level of safety and security for the President when he is on the move.

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