Recently, VinFast officially launched and delivered the first batch of EVO200 electric motorcycles to early customers in Vietnam. This is the latest electric motorcycle model from VinFast for the Vietnamese market, with a reasonable price of only 22 million VND but can travel over 200 km on a full charge. Along with that is the compact design of a scooter but with a spacious 22-liter trunk.

Below are the detailed images of VinFast EVO200 and our quick review of this electric motorcycle model.

VinFast EVO200 has dimensions of 1,804 x 683 x 1,127 mm, which is quite similar to some scooter models such as Honda Vision, Yamaha Janus,… The seat height of EVO200 is 750 mm, which is suitable for the stature of Vietnamese customers.

The front part of the motorcycle is designed with a slightly bulky front fender.

The side of the motorcycle seems to combine the lines of Vespa and Lambretta.

The seat part of the motorcycle is slim and extends to the rear, providing comfortable seating for 2 people. The handle is designed to be convenient to hold with a shiny stainless steel material.

Underneath the seat is a 22-liter trunk, enough to store a full-face helmet and a half-face helmet. In addition, when buying the VinFast EVO200, customers will receive an additional 400W charger.

The lighting of the EVO200 is full-LED and uses a projector beam for better lighting.

VinFast EVO200 still uses a traditional mechanical key. The integrated lock barrel also locks the seat and serves as an anti-theft lock.

In addition, the motorcycle is equipped with a multifunctional digital display.

The “heart” of the EVO200 is a 2,500W electric motor mounted on the rear wheel. It comes with a 3.5 kWh LFP battery, allowing the motorcycle to travel up to 203 km after a full charge and reach a maximum speed of 70 km/h in 15 seconds. However, the actual travel distance will vary depending on the weight and speed of the motorcycle.

The EVO200 has 2 driving modes, ECO and Sport, for users to use flexibly in daily life.

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