If nowadays, Toyota Vios and Camry sedans have become familiar to Vietnamese people, then in the 90s of the previous century, the Toyota brand was popular in Vietnam with the Corona sedan line.

This is the period when foreign car companies started to pay attention to and invest in Vietnam, so the Toyota Corona cars running on the streets of Vietnam 30 years ago were mainly used imported cars, belonging to the 7th-9th generations with front-wheel drive.

In the history of development, the Toyota Corona is one of the first export car lines of Toyota company, which was positioned to directly compete with the rival Nissan Bluebird.

Because of that, the old-generation Corona cars, with rear-wheel drive, are only rarely available in used car transactions and for car enthusiasts.

Recently, an auto salon in Ho Chi Minh City has offered for sale a 1966 Toyota Corona car that has been renovated and still looks quite new, like a unique product.

The interior of the car is quite simple with time-signature details such as the speedometer on the dashboard, similar to motorcycles, 2-spoke steering wheel, etc.

This 54-year-old Toyota Corona belongs to the 3rd generation with the production code RT40, a 2-door sedan version.

In the 3rd generation, the design of the car was created in collaboration with Italian designer Battista Farina. The overall dimensions of the car are 4,110 x 1,550 x 1,420 mm in length x width x height, with a curb weight of 971 kg.

In terms of operation, the car is equipped with a 1.5 liter I4 engine with the code name 2R, with a maximum power of 74 horsepower at 5000 rpm and a maximum torque of 116 Nm at 2600 rpm, combined with a manual transmission.

This old Toyota Corona car currently has license plate number 60 of Dong Nai province and has a transaction price on the market of only 43 million VND, lower than the price of a scooter.

The Toyota Corona model was produced from 1957 to 2001 with 10 generations. The last generation model was built from 1996 to 2001, accompanied by a special version for the Japanese market called Toyota Corona Premio. This is also the last version to use the name Corona in Japan, replaced by the Avensis line.