Despite not being officially launched yet, the Toyota Vios 2023 has arrived at many dealerships. This is just a minor update, adding features that are not related to the recent ASEAN NCAP safety inspection cheating scandal.

Although the launch date has been set for May 10, 2023, Vietnamese consumers can already get a closer look at the B-segment sedans at many Toyota dealerships nationwide. The most notable point is that the 2023 Vios in Vietnam is just a mid-life facelift version and still uses the same platform and engine developed by Toyota. The Toyota Vios 2023 is distributed in 3 versions, including E MT, E CVT, and G CVT. The prices range from VND 479 million, VND 542 million to VND 592 million.

Meanwhile, some neighboring countries in the region such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia have already received the all-new Vios 2023, using the Yaris Ativ platform developed by Daihatsu. These “Vios Daihatsu” cars are currently implicated in the ASEAN NCAP safety inspection cheating scandal.

Specifically, Daihatsu added some protective components to the test cars to make them meet the 5-star standard, but these components are not present in the commercial versions. Therefore, the facelift version of the Toyota Vios 2023 released in Vietnam is not affected by this scandal.

Returning to the Toyota Vios 2023, this year’s update for the Vietnamese market has significant changes, especially in terms of safety.

First of all, the most obvious change is the upgraded design with a completely new grille in a more angular, aggressive style. The front end design of this car may remind consumers of the Toyota CH-R, a small and personality-filled model in the US market.

The grille area has significantly increased in size, spreading to the sides. The front fascia occupies the entire lower part of the car’s front and integrates seamlessly with the front underbody. With this design, it is clear that the Vios 2023 has become much more youthful.

Accompanying this is the use of LED bulb bi-beam headlights as the standard for all versions of the Vios 2023. This is considered a useful and superior safety feature compared to competitors, which typically still use conventional halogen bulbs for lower-end versions. The headlight design is quite similar to the Toyota Corolla in the Japanese home market.

Moreover, Toyota Vios 2023 is equipped with a hidden radar behind the logo at the front and a camera mounted on the windshield. These two hardware components will be responsible for detecting signals and serving some driving assistance features. This is also an outstanding safety feature compared to competitors in the B-segment sedan market.

Moving on to the rear of the car, the Toyota Vios 2023 has not undergone many changes compared to the front. The taillights and trunk design remain the same. The rear underbody has been streamlined to harmonize with the front underbody.

Entering the interior, the first noticeable change is the appearance of leather material on the driver’s seat, door trim, center armrest, as well as on the steering wheel, which has been replaced with synthetic PU material. The actual experience shows that this material provides a soft and comfortable touch. The quality of the finish is also very good, creating a smooth and neat feel, without feeling cheap or poorly made.

Next, on the top-of-the-line G version, the Toyota Vios 2023 has an upgraded screen with a larger size: from 7 inches to 9 inches and has a floating design. The infotainment system still supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

In the driver’s area, the steering wheel retains its design but has changed its color to black, creating a harmonious and cohesive feel in the entire cabin. In particular, paddle shifters have been integrated behind the steering wheel (although the car only uses a continuously variable transmission).

In the area behind the steering wheel, the Toyota Vios 2023 still features an analog meter cluster along with an additional secondary screen below it. However, it is worth noting that the car has been equipped with two modern driver assistance features: forward collision warning (with braking assist) and lane departure warning (with steering assistance).

Unfortunately, other features included in the TSS package such as adaptive cruise control, automatic headlights, lane-keeping assist, or blind-spot warning, 360-degree camera… are still not available in this upgrade. However, compared to the general standard in the segment, the safety features of the Vios are already superior.

Another change for the rear seating area is the addition of two type-C charging ports. However, the car is still lacking rear air vents.

In terms of performance, the car continues to maintain the same powertrain configuration with 107 horsepower and 140 Nm of torque from a 1.5L 4-cylinder engine and a CVT or optional 5-speed manual gearbox.

According to unofficial information, the Toyota Vios 2023 will reduce the number of versions to only 3, instead of the current 6, including G, E CVT, and E MT. The prices will also not have significant changes.

Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)