After nearly a year of use, the Honda HR-V G model “first launched” in Vietnam fully satisfies the users, meeting the transportation needs of Mr. Duong Tuan Nam’s family.

At the end of 2022, Honda Vietnam introduced the G version of the HR-V SUV, with a price of 699 million VND. This was also when Mr. Duong Tuan Nam – in Thai Nguyen – was looking for options to upgrade after selling his old Hyundai i10.

Remembering the last Lunar New Year, Nam shared that he really needed to buy a car for his family to travel during the new spring. After considering, he signed a contract and made a deposit for the Mazda 3. However, as soon as he heard the news of the launch of the Honda HR-V G version with attractive options and a price tag starting from 699 million VND, Nam immediately changed his mind and accepted the loss of a few tens of million VND deposit.

At that time, in the city of Thai Nguyen and some surrounding areas, the dealers had not received the G version of the HR-V for display or test drive. Duong Tuan Nam had to travel hundreds of kilometers, going to Quang Ninh province to test drive the HR-V G from another dealer to get it before the Lunar New Year. Nam still remembers clearly that his car was registered on December 29, 2022 – just before the new year.

In the early days of owning the car, Nam felt very happy and proud to be one of the first owners of this model. When driving on his HR-V, there were many people on the road who felt strange and even looked back for a long time – proving the undeniable beauty of this car!

Until now, looking back at nearly a year of ownership; Duong Tuan Nam affirmed that his decision to buy the HR-V G was too hasty! However, the longer he used the car, the more he felt that this decision was absolutely right.

What attracted Duong Tuan Nam the most was the design of the Honda HR-V. This SUV is a combination of youthful and modern lines, bringing a very sporty feeling.

It even resembles the genuine sports car Porsche Macan! Even Nam’s father – an elderly person – exclaimed how beautiful the HR-V was when he saw his son driving it home!

With a price tag of less than 700 million VND, the Honda HR-V G is truly an attractive car, with a list of user-friendly options; it is not a cheap version with cut-off options.

The automatic air conditioner works very well on hot sunny days: cooling quickly and comfortably deep. The entertainment screen is sharp and modern, with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto connectivity for quick access to entertainment and navigation.

However, according to Nam, the phone connectivity port is not very convenient, and the cables are not neat. Therefore, he really hopes to have the wireless Apple CarPlay feature.

The interior space is also a big plus for Tuấn Nam. He said that whenever he carries friends or acquaintances, they feel spacious and comfortable – this is the compliment from guests after experiencing the car. However, according to Nam, the rear suspension system is still not really comfortable. If it could be softer, the Honda HR-V G would provide a perfect user experience.

In the driver’s seat, Duong Tuan Nam said that the Honda HR-V G uses a naturally aspirated VTEC 1.5L engine, coupled with a CVT automatic transmission that is “just right”. The power of 119 HP and maximum torque of 141 Nm is not outstanding compared to competitors in the segment.

However, the actual experience shows that the Honda HR-V G is not weak at all! The car still responds very well to sudden acceleration when overtaking or driving on highways. However, according to Nam, if someone likes the feeling of stepping on the gas or the excitement of sports cars, they should still choose the version with the VTEC 1.5L Turbo engine.

In return, the Honda HR-V G is a very fuel-efficient car. After more than 9 months of daily use, Nam reported a fuel consumption of only about 7L/100km – which is even comparable to his old Hyundai i10, despite the higher weight and size of the HR-V.

Moreover, Honda is always a reputable brand in the hearts of Vietnamese consumers. Nam himself is extremely confident and at ease when using the product. The maintenance costs are also something that Nam is satisfied with: Honda’s extensive dealer network makes it easy for him to service the car anywhere, with very reasonable costs.

Furthermore, the soundproofing ability of the Honda HR-V G is also a surprising factor for Duong Tuan Nam. When researching online before buying the car, Nam heard many people say that Honda cars’ soundproofing is not good. However, after nearly 1 year of use, Nam found that the car is not as “noisy as rumored”!

In addition, what Nam and his family like the most is the Honda Sensing package on the HR-V G version. Although it is an affordable version, the safety-assist technology system is something that the Japanese manufacturer is determined to keep on its products, showing a commitment to ensuring safety for users.

Honda Sensing is always present and works very effectively, recognizing not only cars but also motorcycles or pedestrians within moments when the driver is absent-minded, not paying attention. Thanks to the collision avoidance braking feature, Nam has escaped from dangerous situations, avoiding damage to both property and health!

The Adaptive Cruise Control and lane-keeping features are also very useful for drivers when traveling on highways. The intelligent automatic headlights are also a very convenient feature. Nam shared that he only needs to turn the headlights to the auto mode and then “almost forget” about this lever because it works so accurately!

However, besides that, the Honda HR-V G still has a few small points that need improvement to achieve the “perfection” of a perfect family car. According to Nam, those points are the wireless Apple feature, a larger screen and a seamless design with the dashboard, a softer rear suspension system, and seats that come with a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

After nearly one year of use, Duong Tuan Nam rates the Honda HR-V G model at 8.5 / 10 points. The car meets almost all the daily transportation needs of him and his family. The decision to buy the car was hasty but has never been a mistake for Nam. On the contrary, the more they drive it, the more they love it.

By Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)

Photos: Huy Bach