Many car owners have a need to upgrade their screens to use smart features in their cars, but they don’t want to replace the stock screen or touch the car’s electrical system. In this case, “gems” like the CarPlay Box GOTECH GB8 will be the perfect lifesaver.

Established in 2020, GOTECH is a brand that has rapidly and strongly developed in the field of supplying smart accessories for cars, despite being new to the market. With the mission of making your car safer and smarter, GOTECH brings technology into the development of exclusive smart software, optimizing user needs and enhancing their experience. Moreover, GOTECH offers customers the opportunity to access and experience features and conveniences that are usually only found in luxury cars.

With a team of over 100 employees, GOTECH is one of the few domestic brands capable of launching specialized products tailored to popular consumer preferences. After more than 2 years on the market, GOTECH products with the GOTECH brand have reached all 64 provinces and cities nationwide. The network and branches continue to expand, greatly improving the speed and convenience of product warranty and after-sales service for customers. All products sold come with a lifetime electronic warranty and a 2-year 1-for-1 exchange policy, providing the most favorable conditions for customers.

CarPlay Box GOTECH GB8 is compact, convenient, but extremely powerful. Despite its small size, the CarPlay Box GOTECH GB8 boasts powerful technical specifications equivalent to top-of-the-line premium screens on the market today.

Specifically, the CarPlay Box GOTECH GB8 features an 8-core ARM processor with 4 Cortex-A73 cores and 4 Cortex-A53 cores, capable of processing data at a maximum speed of 2 GHz. It also includes an integrated Adreno 610 graphics processor.

With 64GB of internal memory and the ability to expand up to an additional 128GB through a microSD card slot, as well as 4GB of LPDDR4 dual-channel RAM, the CarPlay Box GOTECH GB8 allows for quick data access and large storage space for comfortable installation of applications.

Thanks to the latest modern connectivity standards such as Bluetooth 5.0, dual-band WiFi 2.4 and 5GHz 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, and full support for 2G, 3G, and 4G telecommunication frequencies, the CarPlay Box GOTECH GB8 ensures strong, fast, and smooth connectivity.

The product operates on the Android 10 operating system and connects to the car via Apple CarPlay, just like plugging in a USB port on a smartphone – convenient and simple. Additionally, the product comes with a Type-C connection cable, providing a convenient option for users.

All that is required is to plug the small, red Android box into the USB/Type-C connection port, and the user’s original screen will automatically transform into a smart screen with a plethora of entertainment features, no different from any other Android screen.

The simple and convenient connection is also the “score” of the CarPlay Box GOTECH GB8. Users can freely switch between different cars or remove it to use the original screen without any obstacles. This simplicity and convenience help users avoid any hassles related to car warranty or issues arising from aftermarket installation of an Android screen in place of the original screen.

Right from the installation and initial use of the product, users can immediately notice that the CarPlay Box GOTECH GB8 has the ability to automatically adjust and customize the interface to fit different screen sizes, regardless of each car having a different aspect ratio. This feature, known as “Dynamic Aspect Ratio Adaptive,” is the standout feature of this product and can satisfy even the most discerning customers.

Furthermore, the CarPlay Box GOTECH GB8 has a polished user interface modeled after Apple’s UI, providing a familiar and easy-to-use experience without wasting time getting used to it. Users can also change the interface color to suit their personal Feng Shui or switch to different vehicle designs from a selection of 38 popular designs currently available.

The standout feature of the CarPlay Box GOTECH GB8 is its ability to support Vietnamese voice commands and two-way interaction. Users can request music playback, search for information (such as news, weather, gold prices, and exchange rates) through the Kiki assistant developed by Zalo, which can even support various regional accents.

Thanks to the integration of the Kiki voice assistant, drivers can comfortably control features as desired, allowing them to focus on driving and ensuring safety. In addition to a rich selection of popular Android applications such as YouTube, Zing mp3, and VTVgo, GOTECH also developed convenient applications such as speed ticket lookup, vehicle location, and support for users to quickly and conveniently access information and monitor their vehicles anytime, anywhere.

The CarPlay Box GOTECH GB8 also provides users with three navigation solutions: Vietmap S1, Google Maps, and Navitel. In particular, the Vietmap S1 software has been purchased with a lifetime license, which can be used even without an internet connection.

Based on the real-life experience of using the CarPlay Box GOTECH GB8 on a 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe, the only issue this small, smart Android box encountered over time was the USB Type-C connection, which could become loose when the car passed over speed bumps or experienced strong vibrations.

However, the CarPlay Box GOTECH GB8 will automatically reconnect and restart quickly in under a minute. In reality, this issue rarely occurs and can be easily resolved if the car owner requests assistance from the manufacturer to secure the product instead of leaving it in the storage compartment.

Overall, the CarPlay Box GOTECH GB8 can be considered a highly effective technological solution that quickly transforms the stock screen into a feature-rich smart screen without affecting the original structure of the car.

The price of 8.9 million Vietnamese Dong is worth considering, especially since GOTECH offers a free 4G SIM card, a lifetime Vietmap S1 software license, and an attractive 2-year 1-for-1 exchange warranty policy.

(Translated by Quillbot)