Lynk & Co Club is located on Nam Son street, one of the cultural landmarks of Hangzhou city. It is part of the global expansion strategy of the Chinese company, combining global influences with local culture. Prior to Hangzhou, there have been 11 Lynk & Co Clubs created in 6 countries in Europe, each club situated in a prime location immersing itself in the culture of the city. During a recent visit to Hangzhou, the Vietnamese media had the opportunity to experience a part of the culture of the Chinese car brand Lynk & Co, which includes the “Club”, a place that is not only about selling cars.

Lynk & Co Club Hangzhou has a classic exterior design amidst rows of trees on both sides of the street. Everything around is calm and peaceful, as most of the vehicles on the road are electric cars and they all move at a steady pace.

On the first floor of the Club, there is still a display of a Lynk & Co car model, but it quickly fades away as the surrounding space creates a feeling of strolling around a convenience store. From technology gadgets to personal items, toys, everything is connected to car journeys.

Starting from the second floor to the fourth floor of Lynk & Co Club, there is a vibrant and colorful atmosphere where you can work, have coffee with friends while children have a place to play. From any location in this area, you can capture beautiful pictures. This contrasts sharply with traditional car showrooms where men outnumber women and it is purely a place for selling cars, rather than an experience for the general public like at Lynk & Co Club.

The third floor of Lynk & Co Club serves as the center for brand events, art exhibitions, and gatherings. It is filled with many cards and notes from visitors who have experienced the unique car and space of Lynk & Co Club Hangzhou. The space also showcases memorabilia related to the Asian Games 2022 held in Hangzhou, including a torch procession.

After exploring the experiential space, customers can enjoy coffee at To Go on the first floor or indulge in unique Lynk & Co drinks at 04 Not Found café on the fourth floor.

Lynk & Co is preparing to enter the Vietnamese market and it is likely that a “Club” will be established in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City in the near future. With the slogan “More than car,” Lynk & Co takes a completely different approach compared to other car brands, targeting the younger generation and connecting communities.

By Sơn Phạm (