Based on leaked images, the KIA EV5 commercial version looks quite similar to the concept car. KIA said they have applied the “opposites united” design philosophy to the EV5, blending visual contrasts to create a unique and futuristic design. In addition to the boxy design and unique 21-inch wheels, this compact electric crossover also features a “Digital Tiger Nose” in the front, reminiscent of the brand’s distinctive tiger nose grille.

Impressively, both sides of the vehicle are highlighted by bold and sporty cut lines. The rear end stands out with slim LED taillights.

Recently, KIA has confirmed the price and battery information for the EV5 to be sold in the domestic and Chinese markets. Specifically, the EV5 will be priced from 50 million won (equivalent to $38,000) in South Korea, and rise to 57 million won ($43,800) for the long-range version.

The battery pack for Kia’s compact SUV model will be larger than the current EV6’s (77.4 kWh). The EV5’s battery pack will have a capacity of 82 kWh, extending the vehicle’s maximum range to over 600 km.

Another revealed information related to the charging system is that it will be based on a 400V system instead of the high-voltage 800V system used in other HMG’s electric vehicles. With the 800V system, you can use a super-fast charger with a power of up to 350 kW, but KIA has decided to use the 400V system to reduce costs.

Although KIA initially stated that the EV5 would be a model only for the Chinese market and possibly sold in other countries in the future. However, Kia CEO Song Ho-seong recently said, “We will also sell the EV5 in South Korea and other foreign markets” and also pointed out that “The EV5 is struggling with various marketing measures to dispel the image of the EV5 as an SUV exclusively for China,” he added.

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