Launching the “Information Campaign” to Enhance Internet Users’ Awareness in Vietnam

On October 11, 2023, the Department of Broadcasting, Television, and Electronic Information collaborated with VnExpress Newspaper, FPT Online Service Joint Stock Company, and TikTok Vietnam to launch the "Information Campaign" in Vietnam. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness among internet users in Vietnam.


With the message “News on the internet, news accurately”, the campaign’s goal is to provide basic information and skills for Internet users to recognize, detect, and avoid fake news and malicious information on the internet. At the same time, raise awareness of the responsibilities in posting, providing, and sharing information on the internet.

Launching the

The name “News” has two meanings, which are daily news and information produced on the Internet, and trust. “News Campaign” aims to create a healthy playground, encouraging Internet users in Vietnam to be creative, produce positive content, and bring value to the community; honor those working in the field of communication and content creators and create a space for participants in the process of publishing information on the internet to share experiences, responsibilities, and professional ethics.

The “News Campaign” is being implemented from October to November 2023, including the following main activities:

1. “Anti Fake News” content creation competition:

The competition is organized by the Radio, Television, and Electronic Information Department, VnExpress Newspaper, and TikTok Vietnam from October 2nd to October 28th, 2023. With a total prize value of up to 150 million VND, the competition is a playground for all participants to create content on the TikTok platform with the goal of promoting the prevention of fake news and misinformation on the internet.

Anti Fake News Dance

To participate, contestants need to upload a minimum 15-second video in public mode with the hashtags #AntiFakeNews #news on the TikTok platform, with content based on the following 3 themes:

– Theme 1: Perform the “Anti Fake News” dance based on the dance announced by the organizers;

– Theme 2: Sing the theme song of the program or compose/write lyrics for the theme of the “Anti Fake News” competition;

– Theme 3: Tell a story or act out a situation and how to handle it when oneself or a loved one encounters situations based on the following information: (1) Incorrect or unverified information or incorrect interpretation causing misunderstandings and negative impacts on the dignity, honor, and reputation of others; (2) Deceptive information, misinformation leading to misunderstandings and belief in false information, causing negative effects; (3) Ethics of media professionals when producing information on the internet; (4) Accidentally sharing false or unverified information due to trust in the source.

2. Tinternet Program – Enhancing internet culture in Vietnam

The program is planned to be held in Hanoi at the end of November 2023. This is the final stage of the “News Campaign” in 2023 with the main activities including: (1) Booth area with mini-games related to the program theme; (2) Seminar “Believe in News” with the presence and sharing of experts in communication, online platforms, and famous content creators; (3) Award ceremony for the “Anti Fake News” competition along with performances and exchanges of invited artists.

In addition, throughout the campaign’s implementation, media activities including articles and videos will be conducted and widely shared on various online platforms such as VnExpress Newspaper, Fanpage, the official Fanpage of the Anti Fake News program, TikTok, etc. to contribute to delivering information and the message of the program to the public in Vietnam.

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