VinFast VF 6 Draws a Large Crowd of Visitors and Bookings in Ho Chi Minh City

The vibrant pink VF 6 takes the spotlight at Vincom Land Mark 81 (HCMC), attracting a large number of visitors and making sales on the first day of VinFast accepting deposits.


Since the morning of October 20, VinFast VF 6 has been the focus of attention for people at Vincom Landmark 81 (Ho Chi Minh City). The event started at 10am, however many customers who love this SUV were present early to witness it. The special pink version was a hit among visitors.

Not only Vietnamese customers, international customers were also excited to learn about the 5th smart electric car model in VinFast’s lineup. Electric cars are a global trend and are suitable for progressive customers.

The sweet and cute pink version of VF 6 is an attractive check-in spot for women on Vietnamese Women’s Day. “VinFast is delighted to bring the event of the pink VinFast VF 6, matching the favorite color of women. I really like this car because of its fashionable design, compact size, and suitability for urban roads,” said Ms. La Hong Ngoc, happily sharing and check-in with the pink VF 6.

VinFast VF 6 attracted many visitors and reservations in Ho Chi Minh City

Mr. Bui Hoang Linh, owner of VF e34, arrived early to become one of the first customers to place a reservation for the VinFast VF 6 Plus. Mr. Linh said that cost-saving is the outstanding advantage of electric cars compared to gasoline cars, while the newly announced policies of VinFast are truly a gift that makes him extremely excited to make a reservation immediately.

“VF 6 has a multi-point suspension system, which is better than the torsion beam suspension on the VF e34, so the driving feeling will be much better. I bought this car to give to my wife, as a birthday present and also a gift for Vietnamese Women’s Day,” shared Mr. Bui Hoang Linh.

VinFast VF 6 attracted many visitors and reservations in Ho Chi Minh City

According to Mr. Linh, the 59.6 kWh battery capacity is what he likes the most, allowing a travel distance of up to 400 km per full charge, much more than the VF e34 he currently owns. Car experts believe that VF 6 can travel much further than the distance announced by the company. With the policy of free public charging for 1 year and a rental cost of only VND 1.8 million for a 3,000 km journey, Mr. Linh decided to invite more friends to place reservations so they can go on trips together once they receive the car.

In the Vietnamese market, VinFast VF6 includes two versions: Base and Plus. Specifically, the Base version is priced at VND 675 million (excluding battery) and VND 765 million (including battery). The Plus version is priced at VND 765 million (excluding battery) and VND 855 million (including battery). With a discount of VND 20 million and a 100% registration fee waiver policy, the total cost of ownership of VF 6 is only slightly higher… than the listed price.

VinFast VF 6 attracted many visitors and reservations in Ho Chi Minh City

“Stylish design, beautiful and at a very reasonable price. VF 6 is a worthwhile choice for women like us,” affirmed Ms. Huynh Ngoc Anh. The impression of VF 6 has made many Ho Chi Minh City customers proud of the product produced by Vietnamese people. “VF 6, and even VF 8, VF 9 are truly no inferior to foreign cars. Congratulations to Vingroup for making a new step in car technology development,” shared a customer who viewed the car on the morning of October 20.

The VF 6 car exhibition, experience, and reservation event will continue to be held in Hanoi (Vincom Center Ba Trieu) and Ho Chi Minh City (Vincom Landmark 81) until 6pm on October 22, 2023. Customers can place reservations for the VF 6 car at the event or at all VinFast showrooms and distributors nationwide, or through the website:

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