Auctioned again, super license plate 30K-555.55 sold for nearly 14.5 billion VND, 300 million VND higher than the first time

The highly sought-after VIP license plate, with less than 8 minutes left in the auction, has reached a staggering bid of over 14 billion Vietnamese dong. With only 52 minutes remaining, the bidding was not particularly lively, and it was not until the final 3 seconds that someone made two bids, ultimately winning the auction for the license plate 30K-555.55 for a whopping 14,495 billion dong.


In the first license plate auction, on September 15, 2023, there were many license plates that were auctioned off at very high prices. However, afterwards, these plates were re-auctioned because the highest bidder did not fulfill the financial obligations, accepting to forfeit 40 million dong for each license plate.

One of them is the license plate 30K-555.55. Specifically, this super VIP plate was auctioned off for 14.12 billion dong on the auction day of September 15th. Afterwards, the winning bidder put this plate up for sale again for 20 billion dong, but of course, no one is foolish enough to pay such a huge amount to buy it back. Because of this, the license plate 30K-555.55 was re-auctioned today, November 4, 2023.

Even more surprising is that this re-auction, the license plate 30K-555.55 was still auctioned off without losing to the first time. Specifically, in less than 8 minutes of being re-auctioned, the super VIP license plate was bid up to over 14 billion dong. 52 minutes remaining, the bidding rounds were not very lively, and only in the last 3 seconds, someone bid twice, making the license plate 30K-555.55 auctioned off for 14.495 billion dong.

Compared to the first auction, in the second round, the license plate 30K-555.55 was bid higher by 375 million dong. Therefore, many people are waiting to see whether any tycoon has boldly paid nearly 14.5 billion dong for the license plate 30K-555.55, and will soon fulfill the financial obligations to own it, or will forfeit the deposit like the first time.

According to regulations, the winner of the auction for the car license plate 30K-555.55 will have to pay the entire winning auction amount within 15 days from the date of the announcement of the results. This amount will be deducted from the pre-bidding amount (40 million dong) but does not include vehicle registration fees.

Afterwards, within 12 months, the winner of the auction for the license plate 30K-555.55 will have to register this plate for their car. If they exceed the deadline, this beautiful license plate will be transferred to the registration system, vehicle management, and the winning bidder will not be refunded the amount they paid for the winning auction.