Review of Toyota Vios 2023: Refreshed Design, Safe Performance

In the upgraded 2023 version, Toyota Vios showcases numerous enhancements in design, equipment, and advanced safety technologies to meet the demands of the majority of Vietnamese customers, thereby solidifying its position in the B-segment sedan market.


The segment of B-class sedans has always been the most attractive segment in the Vietnamese market due to its reasonable price, direct access to middle-class customers, low operating costs, and easy repair. Based on the sales figures of 2021-2022 and the first months of 2023, we can see that the best-selling models are always familiar names in the B-class sedan segment, with the Toyota Vios frequently holding the top position.

In 2022, Toyota Vios had an impressive breakthrough, capturing the leading position in the entire Vietnamese market with 23,529 units sold. According to VAMA’s sales figures, in September 2023, Toyota Vios delivered up to 1,496 cars to customers. This is the second highest sales month for Toyota Vios since the beginning of the year.

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In fact, Toyota Vios has been a very familiar name to most Vietnamese people. With many years as the best-selling car in the Vietnamese market, the quality, durability, cleanliness, and fuel efficiency of Toyota Vios have been clearly demonstrated. With the upgrade to the 2023 version, Toyota Vios has received a series of improvements, becoming a youthful, dynamic, practical, and safe car, while still inheriting the values that have made the Toyota brand famous globally.

Distinctive, dynamic design

In this upgrade, the 2023 Toyota Vios has changes in appearance towards a more youthful, distinctive, and attractive direction. The changes in the exterior of the 2023 Vios mainly focus on the front of the car with an expanded front grille area, giving the new Vios its own look and creating a difference compared to other B-class sedans in the segment. In this generation, we can see that Toyota has accepted challenges, stepping out of the comfort zone to bring a more personality and fresh Vios compared to previous generations.

Toyota Vios 2023 Review: Youthful design, safe operation toyota-vios-2023-13.jpg Toyota Vios 2023 Review: Youthful design, safe operation toyota-vios-2023-15.jpg

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Furthermore, one detail that we highly appreciate on the upgraded Toyota Vios is the refined front headlights with a sharper angle and equipped with LED technology with Bi Projector. This is a standard feature on all Toyota Vios 2023 versions. In real-life experience in dark conditions, we found that the LED headlights on the new Vios have a good lighting pattern with sufficient brightness and light intensity to be used in various road conditions.

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Due to the retained platform, the overall dimensions and wheelbase length of the car remain unchanged. Notable upgrades in the main body of the car are the single 6-spoke alloy wheels painted in 2 tones, with an eye-catching design that makes the car stand out and look powerful. Vios is equipped with Bridgestone tires, which provide a smoother driving experience.

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A notable highlight in the rear of the car is the LED taillights along with the position lights strip with a sharp design that gives a sporty and classy feeling.

Increasingly convenient interior

Not only more youthful and eye-catching, the 2023 Toyota Vios has also been upgraded in terms of convenience to provide comfort for users. The car now has paddle shifters behind the steering wheel, making it easier for users to overtake. The 9-inch touch screen placed in the center of the dashboard with clear display and responsive touch has been rated sensitive, providing a smooth experience, as well as supporting smartphone connectivity for convenience and enjoyable user experience. In addition, the rear passengers are provided with 2 additional USB Type C charging ports.

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In addition, the Toyota Vios 2023 still stands out with its spacious and airy interior, providing comfort in every seating position. In the rear seats, customers over 1.75m tall can still sit comfortably with an impressive legroom.

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In addition, compared to other cars in the same segment, the Toyota Vios is highly appreciated for its spacious trunk, allowing for comfortable storage of items for the whole family on long trips. Moreover, if needed, we can still expand the luggage compartment by folding down the second-row backrest to accommodate longer items.

Upgraded safety technology

One of the strongest points of the Toyota Vios that Vietnamese users highly appreciate is its outstanding safety features. The car is equipped with 7 airbags along with a series of ABS, EBD, BA technologies, electronic stability control, traction control, hill start assist, rearview camera, and front/rear sensors.

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Especially, in the upgraded 2023 version, Toyota Vios has added 2 new safety features as part of the TSS package, namely forward collision warning and lane departure warning. These are the first safety features to appear in the B-class sedan segment. The forward collision warning system is an active safety system, when it detects that a collision may occur with a vehicle in front, the system will alert the driver and activate brake assist when the driver steps on the brake or automatically brake when the driver does not step on the brake. The lane departure warning feature on the 2023 Toyota Vios has one advantage that we highly appreciate, which is that it will operate at speeds of 50 km/h and above. Therefore, when we are driving on provincial roads or in the city, we can immediately use this feature to assist in safer driving. For example, when the driver loses concentration, the car drifts out of the lane, the system will immediately alert the driver with an alarm and warning light. This is a highly regarded safety feature because side collisions can be quite dangerous.

Value-for-money car

With a series of valuable improvements in design, convenience, and safety technology on the basis of maintaining the value from previous generations, the 2023 Toyota Vios is truly a top choice in the B-class sedan segment. Especially, despite the upgrade, the selling price of the new Vios remains unchanged, even reduced compared to the previous version, ranging from 479-592 million VND, making it easily accessible to the majority of customers.

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