At the price range of 600 million VND in the C-segment sedan, it is difficult to find a car with full amenities, safety equipment, especially eye-catching design like the MG 5 – a youthful model that is gradually asserting its value.

As a teacher in Bac Ninh, Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan Hien has also consulted many different car brands. Initially, she was worried because MG is a relatively new brand in Vietnam, but after seeing and test driving the car at the showroom, she decided to choose this car for a long-term relationship.

“The design is the first impression that caught my attention, both the exterior and interior are eye-catching and modern. Comfortable seating space, spacious trunk, I almost never fill the trunk space.” With a sleek and long design, sharp lines help maintain a sporty look throughout the car. The 17-inch alloy wheels with two-tone colors and simulated dual exhausts are the details that create a strong impression from the first sight for MG5’s customers.

Ms. Hien and her family receiving the car at the dealership

In reality, consumers are becoming more demanding and cautious than ever before when making car purchasing decisions. For the majority of Vietnamese people, cars are still considered a major asset, making them always consider and carefully measure from design, features to price before buying.

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The products of MG introduced in Vietnam have always received a lot of attention from consumers because the car models are meticulously designed, fully equipped with amenities and especially the guarantee of operational performance to meet the needs of the majority of Vietnamese customers. In the Vietnamese market, MG 5 LUX is equipped with a 1.5L engine with 112 horsepower, 150 Nm of torque combined with a CVT automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. The rear suspension system of MG 5 is in the form of a torsion beam, which is not an optimal suspension system for a sports car, but still stable enough in sudden lane changes or sharp turns.

“With the main purpose of commuting in the city, going to work and taking the children to school, the car gives me a flexible and agile feeling on short distances. Besides, in some cases when traveling on the highway, I feel the car is quite stable, solid, and the steering wheel responds relatively well. Some people also say that the car’s 1.5L engine is not “dynamic”, but for women like me, I feel safe because the gradual acceleration is more reassuring, rather than needing the car to accelerate too fast. The Auto Hold function is very helpful for new drivers.”

 MG5 interior with a large central screen

“The central screen is quite large, most of the features of the entertainment system, air conditioning are adjusted by touch on the screen and only a few common functions are used by physical buttons. However, the responsiveness of the touch screen is not very good, there is a certain delay,” Ms. Hien shared.

In addition to male customers, the number of female customers interested in and owning cars is also not small. Particularly, urban-oriented car models that are easy to move around the city, have a reasonable price, and a dynamic design like MG5 are the top priority for many female customers. And in the segment that is increasingly having many quality products like C-segment sedans, launching promotional programs along with top-after-sales service is also the way that MG Vietnam conquers customers in the face of strong pressure from other competitor brands.

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