With the aim of bringing the most visual experiences, the “Feel The Performance” event series takes place nationwide as an opportunity for all Honda car models to reach and conquer users.

Among the prestigious car manufacturers in the world, Honda is a very interesting name. The brand’s cars always carry a very special “Japanese aura”, with a distinctive driving feeling and a design language that exudes sportiness.

Thanks to its superiority, Honda cars are always highly rated by consumers.

Compared to other car models on the market, prominent names of Honda such as Civic, City, and Accord… are always attractive to customers, thanks to their flexible steering system, precise and authentic cornering ability, combined with intelligent and responsive transmission for an exciting acceleration feeling. It can be said that the combination of the gas pedal and the steering wheel is the “specialty” of Honda.

Along with the above-mentioned unique driving and acceleration capabilities, users can also find many attractive factors in each Honda car to discover, love, and desire to stay connected for a long time.

Sporty design

The sporty spirit of Honda cars is not only expressed in their performance but also in their design. Honda cars share a distinctive sports DNA in their overall design language, emphasizing personality, youthfulness, and dynamism. Looking at names like Brio, City, Civic, or the latest HR-V, customers can clearly feel the sportiness in every design line.

Particularly, the RS (Road Sailing) versions are considered a combination of sporty style and daily practicality of a family car. Each Honda RS car can instantly capture users’ attention with high-quality materials, a black-red color scheme that exudes a sense of speed. Besides, these cars can still meet the daily mobility needs of the whole family in the most convenient and comfortable way.

Advanced technology – Superior safety

Playing the role of a strong and healthy heart, capable of providing superior power for each Honda car is the VTEC 1.5L engine. Thanks to advanced optimization technology, Honda models also have remarkable fuel economy, especially when users drive with the Econ mode. An example is the Honda City – a model with an average combined fuel consumption of only 5.68L/100km, an impressive figure in the B-segment sedan.

VTEC 1.5L engine – the soul that brings life to Honda cars.

Moreover, on some models such as Civic, CR-V, Accord, or recently HR-V, the VTEC Turbo 1.5L turbocharged engine has been optimized in terms of power, bringing excitement to drivers and nurturing speed enthusiasts’ passion for sporty driving.

Together with that, the advanced safety assistance system Honda SENSING also contributes to ensuring safety for both passengers in the car and those participating in traffic. Honda SENSING provides CR-V, Accord, Civic, and HR-V models with a range of advanced and superior safety features:

Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS);
Automatic High-Beam Headlights (AHB);
Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow (ACC – LSF);
Road Departure Mitigation (RDM);
Lane-Keeping Assist System (LKAS);

Low-Speed Follow (LKAS);

Forward Collision Warning (LCDN – new, applicable to the new Civic and HR-V).

The “Feel The Performance” campaign by Honda aims to provide users with the most visual experience
of the Honda Sensing system through specialized tests.

Especially, on its latest models, the Honda CONNECT system has been integrated into the car, providing operation data, updating all car data, allowing recording, storing, and transferring data to the owner through an application on the smartphone. Through the Honda CONNECT app on the smartphone, owners can connect and manage their cars at their fingertips, anywhere, and at any time.

When the system detects that the vehicle’s airbags have been deployed, the call center will immediately contact the owner or their relatives to determine the cause, ensuring the safety of the person and the car quickly and securely.

The Honda cars in the business product range in Vietnam, including: City, CR-V, HR-V, Civic, Accord, HR-V all meet the highest 5-star safety standards according to the assessment of the ASEAN-NCAP new car assessment organization. The Brio model is also certified with 4-star safety ASEAN-NCAP for the safety features and collision safety categories.

“Feel The Performance” – event series to conquer users

Good cars need people who understand them, just as good wine needs good friends to enjoy it. In order to bring the most visual experiences, the “Feel The Performance” event series organized by Honda Vietnam in collaboration with the car distribution system nationwide is an opportunity for all Honda car models to reach and conquer users.

Through acceleration tests or brake distance tests, customers can directly experience the superior power limit of the VTEC engine, the flexible control ability in poor operating conditions or unexpected situations.

The event series aims to conquer users through test drives.

Meanwhile, the slalom test (continuous and harsh steering) is clear evidence of the firmness and stability of the chassis system, as well as the flexible response of the steering system, allowing drivers to confidently handle unexpected situations.

Especially, in-depth tests with simulated obstacles, such as the CMBS brake test, provide customers with a direct experience of the performance of the Honda SENSING technology package, contributing to ensuring safety for not only passengers in the car but also those participating in traffic.

Since the launch of the campaign until now, more than 300 “Feel The Performance” events have been organized nationwide, attracting over 17,000 people.

Since the launch of the “Feel The Performance” campaign until now (from November 2020 to the end of March 2022), a total of 315 test drive events have been organized nationwide, attracting more than 17,000 participants. Honda Vietnam and the distribution network will continue to organize these events in the future.

If you are someone who loves speed, wants to experience an exciting driving feeling, wants to learn about Honda products, and most importantly – wants to directly test the Honda SENSING system in a standardized test environment, ensuring safety – you definitely cannot miss the “Feel The Performance” event series, which will continue to be organized in many provinces and cities across the country. For more details on products or test drive schedules, customers can contact the nearest Honda dealers.

Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)