The all-new Range Rover Sport was officially launched globally on May 10, 2022, in Gaydon, United Kingdom, with an impressive world-first water plunge challenge performance in Iceland.

The new high-performance luxury SUV model, the Range Rover Sport, managed to avoid a disastrous fall and defy the rushing water to make a spectacular appearance in its global debut through its first-ever world-first flexible driving performance.

The grand debut witnessed the new Range Rover Sport facing the rising floodwaters of the Karahnjukar Dam – the world’s largest dam with a flow rate of 750 tonnes per minute. The loss of traction could lead to the risk of falling from a dangerous altitude of 90m from the dam’s overflow down to the valley floor.

The third-generation of the high-performance luxury SUV model in the Land Rover family is a dream car, equipped with advanced and most powerful technology ever, combining impressive road presence with its inherent flexibility through a range of advanced chassis technologies ever to be equipped on a Land Rover.

The breathtaking performance of crossing the water dam for the first time was introduced in an exclusive launch event at the Jaguar Land Rover Advanced Product Creation Center in Gaydon, United Kingdom. The official female stunt driver for James Bond, Jessica Hawkins, sat behind the wheel as the new Range Rover Sport demonstrated its grip, traction, performance, and composure, completing the latest step in a series of challenges for the luxurious high-performance SUV of Land Rover. Previous feats include setting a hill climb record at Pikes Peak, conquering the ‘Empty Quarter’ sandy desert in the Arabian Peninsula was first recorded, and the first-ever ascent of 999 steps to the ‘Heaven’s Gate’ in China in 2018.

Mr. Nick Collins, Vehicle Line Director, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “Land Rover’s pioneering MLA-Flex architecture and the latest chassis system combine to deliver the greatest level of flexibility we have ever seen on a Range Rover Sport. The integrated chassis control system brings comprehensive improvements, combining everything from the latest new variable volume air suspension system to Dynamic Response Pro active roll control. As a result, the Range Rover Sport is the most attractive and exciting model to date.”

The overflow dam is the final obstacle on the way from the valley floor to the dam’s peak, looking into the water-filled valley, long steep tunnels, and the very wall of the dam composed of inclined stone at 40 degrees. The 294m long overflow dam has intense rushing water pouring down into a depth of 90 meters, which is the ultimate test of grip and confidence for the driver.

Jessica Hawkins, Stunt Driver, said: “The power of the water pouring down from the side of the valley is truly impressive. Driving through it, even knowing that a 90-meter plunge could be waiting behind me at the end of the hill if there were any mishap, made this the most challenging drive I have ever undertaken. Despite the steep slope and rushing water, the new Range Rover Sport made this challenge look easy. The traction, composure, and all-round visibility of the vehicle conveyed so much confidence and inspiration for me to enjoy the entire experience.”

The all-new Range Rover Sport is based on the versatile, advanced Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA-Flex) of Land Rover, providing the perfect platform for exceptional dynamics and advanced refinement. Powerful and efficient drivetrains include two 6-cylinder plug-in hybrid engines, delivering a pure electric driving range of up to 113 km (70 miles) and low CO2 emissions from just 18g/km1.

The new 530PS Twin-Turbocharged V8 engine delivers sports car performance, accelerating from 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds (0-60mph in 4.3 seconds) with the Dynamic Launch feature. Customers can also choose from powerful and efficient Ingenium petrol and diesel engines, while a pure electric engine will make its official debut in the market in 2024 as Land Rover continues its electrification journey.

A Bold and Modern Design

The impressive proportions highlight the emotionally charged design of the Range Rover Sport with taut surfaces, a dynamic appearance, and instantly recognizable lines, perfectly accentuated by the muscular proportions – creating a sense of stability and readiness for action.

Professor Gerry McGovern OBE, Chief Creative Officer of Range Rover, said: “The latest Range Rover Sport fully embraces our modern approach to automotive design, while amplifying its sporty character and unmistakable confidence.”

The newly minimized design of the Range Rover Sport is also evident in an entirely new interior. The characteristic Command Driving Position on Range Rover is also present in the new design with the latest convenience and driver-assist technologies, together with the best materials combined to bring every drive an experience worth savoring.

Exciting Journeys

A comprehensive range of driving features work together to deliver the most engaging and dynamic driving experience, based on the inherent strength of Land Rover’s flexible MLA vehicle architecture. A suite of technologies tuned by Land Rover’s Integrated Chassis Control system works in harmony to deliver agile, inherent responsiveness.

The new Stormer Handling Pack offers the optimum combination of chassis technologies for the most flexible and agile handling and includes Dynamic Response Pro active roll control, All-Wheel Steering, Electronic Active Differential with Torque Vectoring by Braking, and Configurable Dynamic Drive Mode.

The Dynamic Response Pro system, an electronically controlled 48-volt body lean control system capable of applying up to 1,400Nm of torque on each axle, brings about a confident driving experience and new levels of body control and safety when cornering, while the All-Wheel Steering system helps achieve unparalleled low-speed agility and nimbleness, with outstanding high-speed stability.

The new Sport has the first-ever integrated dynamic air suspension system with variable volume chambers and is equipped with every new Range Rover Sport. The intelligent system enhances the suspension system’s bandwidth by changing the pressure in the chambers to provide traditional Range Rover comfort with the expected dynamic handling of the Range Rover Sport. To optimize response, the vehicle will monitor the road ahead using eHorizon positioning data to prepare for upcoming curves.

An Icon of Sporty Luxury

The new Range Rover Sport turns every journey into an event and can be flexibly tuned to be dynamic in the driver’s desired style, while still providing a high level of refinement and comfort. The ability to combine these two personalities is made possible by a comprehensive range of technologies.

The advanced Cabin Air Purification Pro feature creates and maintains an optimized interior environment for health and alertness, while a powerful range of Meridian sound options is also equipped. The Meridian™ Signature Surround Sound System is the most powerful and advanced sound system ever fitted to the Range Rover Sport, with up to 29 speakers including four headrest-mounted speakers to create individual sound zones for all four occupants in the main cabin. The intelligent generation of Active Noise Cancellation3 reduces the amount of external noise entering the cabin to provide optimal cabin refinement.

Seamless Technology

Land Rover’s powerful Electronic Vehicle Architecture (EVA 2.0) supports the seamless connection of an ecosystem of technologies including wireless software updates (SOTA). Smart technology provides remote updates to 63 electronic modules, ensuring the new Range Rover Sport remains at the forefront of innovation, technology, and modern services throughout its lifecycle.

The Pivi Pro infotainment system, an award-winning, high-resolution 13.1-inch floating touchscreen, is centrally positioned in a modern style dashboard. Controlling everything from navigation to entertainment and vehicle settings, Pivi Pro learns the user’s preferences and intelligently personalizes the experience, becoming an intuitive personal assistant.

The Smart Voice Recognition feature powered by the ‘Amazon Alexa’2 virtual assistant brings an interactive digital experience to a new level of convenience, providing the ability to control various settings and features using natural voice commands while reducing distractions. Alexa is embedded within Pivi Pro and intelligent voice AI even integrates the use of Alexa devices in the home via the Land Rover smartphone app and Remote Skills.

Unparalleled Capability

The new Range Rover Sport is the most dynamically capable version yet of Land Rover’s high-performance luxury SUV line and has the most formidable capability even when leaving the paved road, thanks to the use of the latest All-Wheel Drive-iAWD system and integration of the latest improvements and technologies across Land Rover’s unparalleled all-terrain capability to ensure outstanding dynamic performance.

The Adaptive All-Terrain Cruise Control function on off-road first appears on the new Range Rover Sport and helps drivers navigate difficult terrain by maintaining a stable speed depending on the ground conditions. The driver can choose one of four convenience settings and the system adjusts the speed intelligently, enabling the driver to focus on steering the vehicle.

The new Range Rover Sport will be produced exclusively at the Solihull Production Plant in the United Kingdom, the historic home of Range Rover production alongside the new Range Rover. In Vietnam, the new Range Rover Sport is imported and distributed with five versions and an expected starting price from 6,969,000,000 VND. The details are as follows:

Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE 3.0 I6 P360 500Nm AWD Auto: From 6,969,000,000 VND*.

Range Rover Sport Dynamic HSE 3.0 I6 P360 500Nm AWD Auto: From 7,509,000,000 VND*.

Range Rover Sport Autobiography 3.0 I6 P360 500Nm AWD Auto: From 7,869,000,000 VND*. Customers can upgrade with the 7-seat option.

Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE 3.0 I6 P400 550Nm AWD Auto: From 7,169,000,000 VND*.

Range Rover Sport First Edition 3.0 I6 P400 550Nm AWD Auto:  From 8,149,000,000 VND*.

The new Range Rover Sport is expected to be launched at the end of 2022. Customers can contact the nationwide distribution systems of Phu Thai Mobility to build their own configurations and place orders according to their preferences and personal characteristics, or contact official Phu Thai Mobility dealers nationwide for more detailed information.

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