VinFast Trading & Services Company Limited officially announced the deployment of 24/7 Electric Car Battery Rescue Service to bring maximum peace of mind to customers. With only 300,000 dong for each charge and rescue session that lasts up to 15 minutes, the vehicle will have enough energy to travel about 30 km (for VF e34 cars).

The 24/7 Electric Car Battery Rescue Service is launched by VinFast in parallel with the Mobile Service Roadside Assistance and the existing 24/7 Assistance Policy to support customers in situations where the car runs out of battery on the road and is not near any charging locations. VinFast’s technical team will come to the customer’s location, provide on-site charging solutions, and help the vehicle recharge to be able to move to suitable public charging locations.

VinFast provides a battery rescue service with a maximum charging time of 15 minutes per charge, at a fee of “3 No” (No depreciation cost, No financial cost, No profit) for each charge, which is 300,000 dong. Customers can choose to charge multiple times to suit their actual needs.

In the initial phase, the 24/7 Electric Car Battery Rescue Service will be deployed in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, and neighboring provinces within a radius of 100 km from these three cities.

To effectively and safely use the 24/7 Electric Car Battery Rescue Service, the vehicle’s location must meet minimum requirements such as allowing access and parking for the battery rescue vehicle, having a convenient terrain for the rescue work, ensuring labor safety, traffic safety, etc. Depending on the customer’s vehicle location and traffic conditions, VinFast’s battery rescue vehicle will arrive as soon as possible to provide timely assistance.

Mr. Hoang Chi Trung – CEO of VinFast Trading Vietnam said: “In addition to mobile charging solutions and public charging, VinFast has decided to deploy the 24/7 Electric Car Battery Rescue Service, aiming to ensure customer satisfaction, peace of mind, and trust in the quality of VinFast’s services on every journey. This is a strong affirmation of putting the customer at the center, as well as a long-term commitment of VinFast to provide the highest standard of products and after-sales services for customers.”

Customers can contact VinFast’s customer service hotline at 1900.23.23.89 at any time of the day and on all days of the week (including holidays) to request the battery rescue service. From June 2022, customers will be able to request the service through the VinFast application.

For more information about the battery rescue service, please visit the website:

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