According to BMW Motorrad, R1250R is a naked sports or roadster and R1250RS is a sports tourer. Both models are equipped with a iconic Boxer engine cooled by air and oil.

BMW Motorrad equips the Boxer engine with a displacement of 1,254cc, producing a power of 136 horsepower at 7,250 rpm and a torque of 143 Nm at 6,250 rpm, along with variable valve timing control ShiftCam. The power is transmitted through a 6-speed gearbox and a shaft drive, allowing for acceleration over 200 km/h with an average fuel consumption of 4.75 liters per 100 km.

The BMW R1250R and R1250RS 2023 models both come with the Riding Modes Pro option, which includes additional riding modes. In addition to the “Road” and “Rain” modes, these models also have the “Pro” mode to control dynamic engine braking to prevent wheel hop when shifting, and the “Eco” mode for optimal fuel efficiency.

The BMW R1250RS 2023 is equipped with traction control, dynamic brake control, and engine torque control. The LED DRL turn signal lights are also an accessory to transform the R1250RS into a solo motorcycle.

Other options include BMW Motorrad’s Option 719 accessories and customizable seat height adjustment ranging from 760 mm to 840 mm compared to the standard 820 mm. With a fully fueled 18-liter fuel tank, the R1250R weighs 239 kg, while the R1250RS weighs 243 kg.

The TFT-LCD display on the BMW R1250R and R1250RS 2023 shows basic information for the rider, including a sporty display that shows real-time cornering angle. Other amenities while riding include a 12V power outlet plus a USB-A socket with 5V power to charge the rider’s electronic devices.

Color options for the BMW R1250R include Racing Blue and Triple Black, while the R1250RS is available in BMW Motorrad’s Sport colors of Lightwhite, Racing Blue, Racing Red, as well as Triple Black.

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