The upgraded version of the Suzuki Ertiga 2022 has just been launched, featuring a mild hybrid engine and a range of new features that make it the most cost-effective option in terms of both ownership and usage costs compared to its competitors in the cheap 7-seater car segment.

If Mitsubishi Xpander, the king of the MPV 7-seater segment, boasts many strengths in terms of space, design, and performance; Toyota Veloz promises a reliable driving experience with its prestigious logo; and Hyundai Stargazer breaks through with its innovative design, spacious interior, and customer-friendly features.

Meanwhile, Suzuki Ertiga remains loyal to its cost-saving approach. Until now, the Japanese manufacturer has always positioned its model in the accessible price range for consumers compared to its competitors. And now, Suzuki has gone even further by bringing the upgraded version with a mild hybrid engine to the Vietnamese market, optimizing fuel consumption with only 5.05L / 100km, which is less than the combined fuel consumption of two typical scooters.

In addition, Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 also features more than 30 other upgrades to enhance the customer experience and attractiveness.

Youthful and sporty design

The front of the Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 has received the most positive changes among 7-seater MPVs. The most notable detail is the lighting system that still uses projector technology but now integrates intelligent automatic on/off function.

Thanks to this modern technology, the car now has the Guide me light feature, which keeps the lights on after parking, turning off the engine, and locking the doors so that passengers can see the way from the car to the house when it’s dark or easily find the car’s position in a parking lot.

Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 also receives a new grille with a chrome pattern for a more luxurious and modern look than its predecessor.

Below the air intake area, the car is also equipped with LED fog lights and boomerang-shaped position lights. Particularly, the highest-end version of the Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 features a prominent blue Sport logo, emphasizing its sporty spirit and youthful style, as well as the characteristic color of hybrid vehicles.

Along the sides, Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 has added new front underride, side underride, and rear wind splitters for a sportier appearance.

The side mirrors are foldable and automatically adjustable. The mirrors have built-in cameras, combined with a rearview camera and a front-facing camera integrated into the grille, creating a 360-degree camera system that allows drivers to have a panoramic view around the car, enhancing safety. Ertiga is the leading MPV in the 7-seater segment, not to mention that it has the most attractive price compared to its competitors.

On the roof, the car is equipped with a folding-retractable antenna to improve radio reception. The car still features 15-inch multi-spoke wheels similar to its predecessor. The rear roof is also equipped with a sporty spoiler dedicated to the highest-end version.

Meanwhile, the design of the rear trunk has also received positive changes. The most notable is the horizontal chrome strip, making the overall design of the car more coherent and youthful.

In addition, the trunk has an electric opening and closing function and can be operated with a foot kick, making it very convenient, especially for women who often go shopping or go to the supermarket and have their hands full.

Spacious, luxurious and convenient interior

The facelift version of the Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 maintains the same dimensions as the previous generation, with the detailed dimensions: 4,395 x 1,735 x 1,690mm in length, width, and height respectively; the wheelbase is maintained at 2,740mm. The car provides a comfortable space for 7 passengers.

All seats can slide, recline, and fold flat to allow users to customize them according to specific usage conditions. The rear seats are equipped with air vents and charging ports, as well as storage compartments and cup holders for convenience.

For the front seats, Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 also provides a great experience by offering a 10-inch touch screen infotainment system – almost leading the segment – with standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

In addition, the car is also generously equipped with automatic air conditioning, wireless charging for smart devices, leather seats, a cooling function for the storage compartment, and a soft leather-wrapped center armrest.

Smooth operation, durability and “super fuel efficiency”

Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 has been fine-tuned to be more youthful, the interior has been supplemented with many features, and the spaciousness has remained generous; but the most notable change lies in its performance.

On all three versions of the Ertiga 2022, Suzuki provides hybrid technology as standard, based on a 1.5L I4 engine. Specifically, an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) has been added behind the internal combustion engine.

Combined with that is a 6,000mAh – 12V Lithium-ion battery located below the driver’s seat for fast charging and ensuring the longevity of the entire system.

This hybrid system will intervene for up to 30 seconds to provide immediate power to the car when needed, such as when overtaking, driving uphill, or restarting the engine after stopping at a red light. In addition, in stable driving conditions or when the car is temporarily stopped (traffic jam, waiting for a red light, etc.), the energy in the battery system is also used to power the car’s electrical devices (screen, speaker, air conditioning, etc.) to reduce the load on the internal combustion engine and thus save fuel. And when the car is decelerating, the ISG will work to recharge the battery.

Thanks to this intelligent and exclusive Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki (SHVS) hybrid solution, the Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 now boasts an impressive fuel consumption of only 5.05 L/100km, which is less than the average fuel consumption of some internal combustion engine vehicles.

With this level of fuel efficiency, Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 is undoubtedly the most attractively priced model in the segment and also has the lowest operating costs compared to its 7-seater MPV competitors.

Perhaps the most “worrisome” issue for a customer before deciding to “invest” in a Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 is the cost of replacing the battery system. Understanding the concerns of users, the Japanese automaker has clearly listed the cost of replacing the battery system at VND 29.9 million – which includes a 5-year warranty or 100,000 km (whichever comes first) – while the system’s lifespan is calculated to last up to 10 years.

In conclusion, while each competitor in the 7-seater MPV segment has its own distinct characteristics, the Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 still adheres to its goal of being the most accessible in terms of ownership cost and the most attractive in terms of usage cost, ensuring that it delivers core value to users.

Along with that, the mid-life facelift version has been updated with more than 30 changes to provide customers with convenience and an even more comfortable and luxurious experience. Clearly, with these advantages, the Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga 2022 will continue to be an attractive option in the rapidly growing 7-seater MPV segment.