Join the “Honda RS Touring 2022” journey to conquer the coastal roads of the central region and witness the magnificent beauty of Vietnam, to feel the excitement of driving behind the steering wheel, and to experience the speed of Honda RS models.

The chosen destination to start this journey is the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang. The final destination will be the charming beach of Mui Ne – Phan Thiet. Participants will gather at Cam Ranh Airport from both ends of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

The long 200km journey along the Central South Coast – with high-quality asphalt roads, moderate curves, constant ups and downs; dazzling scenery with golden sunshine, sea breeze, and endless sandy beaches along the East Coast – is an ideal way to fully experience the joy of driving Honda RS models.

The name “Honda RS Touring 2022” emphasizes that this experience will focus on the sporty versions of Honda, including three names: Honda City RS, Honda Civic RS, and the recently launched Honda HR-V RS.

It is worth mentioning that “RS” in the name of the car models stands for “Road Sailing” – meaning that the manufacturer aims for a smooth and smooth driving experience on the road, like a sailing boat gliding gently on the sea; it does not stand for Racing Sport as many people mistakenly think.

Compared to other versions, City RS, Civic RS, and HR-V RS all carry the sporty bloodline, with different designs down to the smallest details, such as the front grille, the patterned front bumper, alloy wheels, rear spoiler… The paint scheme also exudes the spirit of speed, mixing the vibrant red and mysterious black colors.

Even inside the interior cabin, the premium atmosphere is abundant in Honda RS versions, with modern and leading comfort and convenience features; not inferior to any competitor.

Starting from the city of Cam Ranh, the convoy begins to move along National Highway 1 and then turn onto Provincial Road 702 along the coast, with the first destination being Vinh Hy Bay. The first experience car model: Honda HR-V, clearly shows its strengths on this road.

With mainly paved national and provincial roads; with few vehicles, driving Honda HR-V becomes extremely relaxing. The car is equipped with the Honda Sensing driving assistance technology package, including all the “sophisticated” features: Adaptive Cruise control, lane-keeping assist, collision avoidance assist, automatic headlights, forward collision warning… It helps the driver comfortably cover long stretches without being overly stressed from continuously dealing with situations that can be tiring.

Experiencing the Honda HR-V as a passenger is also extremely comfortable. The car is equipped with automatic air conditioning with a breeze around circulation mode; instead of blowing directly onto the passengers’ faces, causing discomfort. The interior space is also very spacious when sitting 4 adults with a height of 1.80m.

Even the “weakness” of soundproofing in previous Honda models has been greatly improved. The noise from the surroundings and especially the noise from the underbody echoing into the cabin has been significantly reduced compared to the previous generation HR-V.

The power of Honda HR-V 2022 has also been greatly improved by abandoning the outdated 1.8L naturally aspirated engine and replacing it with the VTEC 1.5L Turbo engine shared with the CR-V. Moreover, Honda HR-V is also equipped with various driving modes, providing a dynamic driving experience tailored to the driver’s preferences.

The next journey from Vinh Hy Bay to the White Sands of Binh Thuan is also very attractive, with the Honda Civic as the driver’s car. This area’s coastal road is famous for its stunning beauty that captivates travelers with its endless sand dunes blending with the deep blue of the sea, the golden color of the sun, the white color of the clear sky, and the gentle East Sea breeze.

It also reflects the transition of Vietnam – this area is also the concentration of a series of wind farms. The tall, straight, and white wind turbines can be observed from a few kilometers away, slowly rotating their blades to generate green energy for the local people.

Similar to any other Honda car model, Civic RS provides an exhilarating driving experience – in line with the spirit of “Feel the Performance” of the Japanese automaker. Sitting at the driver’s seat, smoothly maneuvering through the coastal curves and feeling the grip of the steering wheel, road feedback, and confidently perceiving the trajectory of the car’s movement.

This is the traditional strength of Honda: a steering wheel that is full of emotions! In addition, the solid chassis combined with the low center of gravity of a compact sedan like the Civic gives the driver an adrenaline rush, providing an exhilarating and easy-to-overcome experience over competitors in the same segment.

In particular, when conquering steep hills with sharp curves, the Honda Civic provides a very stable feeling. Each curve is “swallowed” by the compact sedan without leaving too much body roll, which can cause discomfort to passengers. The quick power and precise steering wheel bring an overall experience that is extremely captivating and easily surpasses other competitors in the same segment.

The final journey from White Sands to Mui Ne, the Honda City once again impresses passengers with a complete experience. It can be said that the Honda City RS fulfills its role as a primarily family-oriented compact sedan.

Its two biggest strengths are clearly demonstrated in this trip: the lively yet economical performance of the 1.5L engine combined with the CVT gearbox; accompanied by the spacious and modern convenience features of a compact sedan.

Young, spacious, modern convenience features, durable reliability, and superior driving experience compared to competitors – have always been strong points for Honda cars to win over customers. This spirit is emphasized throughout the Honda RS Touring 2022 experience journey: the exciting driving sensation, bringing happiness.

Honda cars have surpassed the role of a simple means of transportation from point A to point B. They have become companions, sharing beautiful roads, precious moments with family and friends, and creating memorable youth memories of roaming and bringing emotions and happiness.

In summary, the Honda RS Touring 2022 experience journey is truly an emotional trip. Driving Honda RS models to conquer coastal roads along the coast brings a thrilling feeling, and the happiness is transformed into unforgettable memories.

Honda cars have gone beyond the role of a simple means of transportation to bring people from point A to point B. They have become travel companions, sharing beautiful roads; the moments spent together after a busy week; the journeys that mark memorable youth.

Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)