Different from cheap models, Hyundai Santa Fe is the flagship product of the Hyundai Thanh Cong Vietnam joint venture with a list of technology-equipped models, containing many advanced technologies and good quality. Therefore, the upgrade task for the car is even more challenging.

Modern lighting system, but can still be better

If cheap models are often cut off in equipment compared to high-end versions, especially the lighting system, then the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe is an exception. The car comes equipped with advanced Bi-LED headlights, accompanied by automatic lighting technology on all versions.

However, the Smartsense technology package with the intelligent Adaptive Headlight (AHB) feature is only available on the highest-end version. At the same time, although the standard-equipped Bi-LED headlights have good performance, they may still not meet the expectations of demanding customers.

So what is truly the best high-power, efficient, and safe lighting solution for the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe among countless products flooding the market today? Let’s find the answer to the question, what are the “sparkling” eyes for the “tall” Hyundai Santa Fe new generation.

Why choose Auto365?

Different from small shops or garages, Auto365 is considered the largest vehicle upgrade system in Vietnam, with a chain of 68 showrooms nationwide, stretching from North to South, covering all provinces and cities in Vietnam.

Each Auto365 facility has a large scale of over 500m2 and is equipped with the most modern equipment. The technicians are well-trained and hands-on trained with modern equipment, various car models in the market, and have been certified with professional skills before officially working at the branch.

The products available at Auto365 have been carefully selected with guaranteed quality, clear origin, and especially enjoyed a reputable warranty and return policy. Therefore, it is clear that choosing products at Auto365 will benefit consumers in terms of the product itself, service quality, and especially in terms of after-sales warranty issues.

Bright eyes for Hyundai Santa Fe

For a car with a price tag of nearly 1.5 billion VND like the 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe, the owner will certainly spare no expense when wanting to upgrade the car. However, in return, these demanding owners will also demand a worthy value for the money they spend.

So, what is the best lighting system for Hyundai Santa Fe? Let’s join the journey of upgrading lights for cars at Auto365 Ha Nam facility to find the answer to this baffling question.

The perfect couple “X-Light V30 Ultra 2022 and X-Light V30L Ultra 2022”

Defined as the “perfect couple” because X-Light V30 Ultra and V30L Ultra are the two highest-end products in the lighting product category at the Auto365 system nationwide, and they possess the most superior qualities in the current market.

The X-Light V30 Ultra 2022 product is formed from 9+3 LED cores, significantly improving performance compared to the previous version. Specifically, the lighting performance in the low beam mode is 75W (increased by 50% compared to the predecessor product), while in the high beam mode, it is 85W (increased by 30% respectively).

The light intensity of the new X-Light V30 Ultra is 15,000 Lx at a color temperature of 5,500 K, with the ability to provide a vision range of up to 800m for drivers. To put it in perspective, the driver can park in the shark fin area (in front of the Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square) and turn on the lights that can reach across Hoan Kiem Lake, to have a clear view through the Trang Tien Plaza and even further.

In parallel with the significantly improved brightness, the X-Light V30 Ultra 2022 also has a driver optimized for durability, which is up to 30% better than the previous version. With the new AR Pro lens coating technology, the system can achieve more than 20% efficiency with a good light concentration, without causing glare or eye strain for those participating in traffic.

In addition, the X-Light V30L Ultra 2022 product, the companion “darling,” has equally top qualities and is not inferior. The product includes 9 new generation LED chips, including a 15W laser core from the Nichia brand of Japan. This is a brand with a lot of experience in lighting production, from UV disinfection bulbs used in medical fields to backlighting screens for TVs, laptops, and phones.

In the automotive auxiliary industry, Nichia is also famous for its Demi LED lights, the main LED lighting system, headlights, turn signals, ambient interior lights, and even HUD display screens.

With the use of Nichia’s laser core, the lighting performance of the X-Light V30L Ultra 2022 has been significantly improved compared to the previous version. Specifically, the light in the low beam mode reaches 60W – increased by 60%, and the light in the high beam mode reaches 75W – increased by 30% compared to the previous generation product.

The light intensity of the X-Light V30L Ultra laser headlight reaches 25,000 Lx, with a color temperature of 5,500K, helping the light beam able to reach a distance of 1,150m, which is more than 1 km! The reason why the light can reach that far is based on the unique 2-in-1 lens technology, shaped like frog eyes. Thanks to the unique structure, the lens is divided into 2 separate parts: 1 ball serving the main beam and 1 ball designed specifically for the laser chip with a narrower and longer beam, instead of using the same ball as the majority of other products on the market today.

The X-Light V30 Ultra 2022 product is currently priced at 10.5 million VND, while the X-Light V30L Ultra 2022 product is listed at Auto365 system nationwide with a price of 18 million VND. Both products enjoy a 1-to-1 warranty policy with a duration of up to 3 years, applicable at all Auto365 facilities nationwide.

Real-world experience: truly “worth the money”

Immediately after installing the X-Light V30 Ultra 2022 and X-Light V30L Ultra 2022 products on the new Hyundai Santa Fe, the car was brought down to the road to verify its actual operating capability. The selected location was an uninhabited field to completely avoid other types of lights that may infiltrate and affect the test results.

And the “brightest stars in the sky” V30 and V30L Ultra pair of X-Light can actually achieve a lighting range of over 1.1 km as stated by Auto365. That means if there is a power outage, the Santa Fe owner can completely illuminate from the shark fin area (in front of the Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square) to cross the Dong Xuan Market area and even go through the Boat Hau Dau area!

Throughout the installation process, customers can closely monitor the team of technicians and ensure that the upgrade process does not require any modifications to the car’s structure or damage. Therefore, returning to the original state can be completely done “in a blink of an eye.” After installing the new lighting system, the appearance of the car does not change compared to the original. This ensures easy vehicle registration and no inconvenience with law enforcement when traveling on the road.

Therefore, it can be affirmed that the X-Light V30 Ultra and V30L Ultra 2022 are truly “worth the money.” High quality, good performance, and full and reputable warranty policy are the values that deserve the money that customers entrust to the Auto365 system.

One point to note is that, after using the “vision tonic” for the car and ensuring a healthy “pair of eyes,” drivers need to strictly follow the traffic safety laws and have a cultured way of traveling on the road.

Specifically, always use the low beam mode in urban areas and when encountering other drivers (whether in the same direction or opposite direction). Only use the high beam mode on deserted roads, areas outside urban areas, or where visibility is not hindered and there are no other vehicles traveling simultaneously.

Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)