Youthful and more personality design, better equipped convenience, and improved driving experience thanks to the new engine and transmission system. The Toyota Camry 2022 has clearly been rejuvenated and become more comprehensive, posing challenges for competitors in the same segment.

The iconic sedan model of Toyota

Belonging to a higher segment than the Toyota Corolla (in Vietnam, the Corolla Altis) – the best-selling passenger car model in the world, the Camry is considered as a symbol of the Toyota brand globally.

Launched in 1980 in Japan and available in the US since 1983, the Toyota Camry has always been a durable, reliable, and suitable model for the needs of the majority of customers.

The evidence is that almost continuously for over 20 years, the Toyota Camry has consistently maintained the title of the best-selling car model in the US (except in 2011), living up to the name “Kamuri” (Japanese – meaning crown) as predetermined fate.

Viewing the whole picture over more than 40 years in the market, more than 18 million Camry vehicles belonging to 7 generations of products have been sold worldwide. The Toyota Camry always maintains its position as a standard sedan model, with stable annual sales figures in the six digits.

In Vietnam, the Toyota Camry is also considered as the “standard of a time” for luxury, high-end, and even power in the eyes of consumers, worthy of the title “Minister’s car”.

So how has Toyota been able to maintain Camry’s pioneering position for decades like that? – Let’s explore the latest generation of the Toyota Camry 2022 together – the car model that clearly embodies the spirit of “No more boring cars” to find the answer.

Youthful, eye-catching design

With the blood of sports and the passion for speed flowing in his veins, the third-generation chairman Akio Toyoda immediately issued a “last letter” to all employees: “No more boring cars!” when assuming the leadership of the group. This spirit shows a determination to change, to create more interesting products, to bring enthusiasm and excitement to the driver.

This spirit is clearly reflected in the exterior design of the 7th generation Camry 2022. Right on the grille, the trapezoidal-shaped chrome-plated front grille and front bumper create a prominent depth for the Toyota logo at the front of the car. The “mouth” below the front bumper is widened, overflowing to both sides, together with the “forehead” highlighted by embossed lines on the bonnet, making the face of the 2022 Camry more personality and aggressive.

The “eyes” on the Camry 2022 stand out with the bi-LED headlights accompanied by slim J-shaped daytime running lights, making the front of the car more soulful and contributing to the driving visibility at night for the driver to ensure safety.

The side mirrors are placed below the doors, rather than on the A-pillar, helping to reduce blind spots, increase observation capability to minimize collisions when driving. This design also helps the 2022 Camry become more athletic and similar to European-American sedans.

The window edges are decorated with chrome trim like a “reminder” of the leading position of a high-end sedan. Meanwhile, the wheels with 18-inch two-color alloy wheels, multi-spoke design, are extremely eye-catching, helping to make the appearance of the car more youthful and outstanding.

The rear trunk lid is gently molded with an integrated ducktail airfoil, combined with a reasonable rear glass slope, creating a rear end of the car with a special sporty style. The highlight of the tail is the modern and beautiful curved brake lights.

With small changes, the overall appearance of the 2022 Camry has been greatly rejuvenated. The excitement of the Camry starts with the engineers “ignite” at the first glance, when encountering the neatly parked sedan on the street. And right now, let’s step inside the car to discover more.

Luxurious, convenient, modern interior

The convenience and practicality of the Camry come right from the spacious interior of the car. This is a common advantage of Japanese models, especially those from Toyota. Whether sitting in the front or rear seats, passengers can recline comfortably, with enough headroom and shoulder width for a comfortable long journey without fatigue.

The details of the wood grain mockup around the center console, gear lever, and electronic parking brake buttons are highlights that create a sense of luxury and sophistication. The sunroof on the car roof also helps the interior space of the Camry become more airy and receives more sunlight. Along with that, the car is equipped with automatic air conditioning with up to 3 separate climate zones for the driver, passenger, and rear seat passengers.

The Toyota Camry 2022 is also equipped with a full range of “playful” features including: a 9-inch touch screen entertainment center located above the dashboard, with integrated wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and wireless charging. Along with that is the 9 JBL speaker audio system, fully meeting the enjoyment needs of passengers on journeys.

The driver’s seat of the Camry is a position that clearly shows the spirit of “No more boring cars” of the Japanese D-segment sedan: the head-up display on the windshield can personalize the display of the vehicle’s operation information in a way that is intuitive to the driver’s wishes.

Behind the steering wheel is the cluster of tachometer and speedometer with classic design, accompanied by a multifunction information display in the middle, making it convenient and intuitive to monitor the vehicle’s operating status, especially intelligent safety features in the TSS technology package.

The “No more boring cars” spirit is clearly embodied in a sedan that has been rejuvenated and has a sporty element, behind the 2022 Camry steering wheel, paddle shifters are equipped. At the same time, the car is also equipped with up to 3 driving modes: Eco/Normal/Sport, very suitable for young entrepreneurs who prefer to drive themselves – a potential customer group that Camry is targeting, in addition to the traditional user profile.

On both sides of the steering wheel, the Toyota Camry 2022 is equipped with all the buttons, the most prominent of which is the Toyota Safety Sense safety technology package.

Not only equipped with 10-way power-adjustable driver seat with 2 memory positions, 8-way power-adjustable passenger seat, the Camry also pays great attention to the rear seats – positions originally designed for true masters.

The touch panel cluster controls for temperature, electric blinds, power-tilt/recline, and audio options in the rear seat armrest are neatly hidden. The Toyota Camry is the only model in its segment equipped with this “empowered” control system, once again emphasizing the position of the person sitting in the back, namely: having control over everything around oneself.

With many abundant amenities in the car, it can be said that the Toyota Camry 2022 has been rejuvenated, added a sporty element, in addition to the role of a fully equipped and comfortable luxury model for rear seat passengers.

More exciting driving experience

In the 2022 version just launched, the Toyota Camry has been equipped with the latest Dynamic Force generation engine. This generation of the engine provides more efficient fuel consumption for the car while also improving the operating power. Specifically:

Thanks to the wider valve overlap angle (31 to 41°), changes in cylinder dimensions: smaller diameter (Φ90 to 87.5mm) and longer stroke (98 to 103.4mm), changes in the shape of the intake valve door to create a swirling airflow, accompanied by the D4S technology: multi-point direct injection helps to distribute fuel wider, more evenly, leading to better air-fuel mixing ratio, VVT-iE: electronic controlled variable valve.

The Toyota Camry is equipped with the M20A-FKS engine paired with the Direct Shift CVT transmission. This configuration provides power of 170 horsepower and torque of 206 Nm. Actual experience shows that this “heart” allows the Camry 2.0Q to operate confidently and comfortably in Vietnam.

All high-speed overtaking maneuvers can be achieved immediately with a press of the accelerator. However, Camry’s style of acceleration is not the type of “jerky hair-pulling”, but the car’s acceleration will tend to be smooth and preferential to passengers to ensure comfort, without jerking.

In the higher-version, the 2.5L engine will provide more power for the driver to exploit. Next, on the highest premium version, the Camry is equipped with the 2.5L engine along with leading Hybrid technology, ensuring the most comfortable and fuel-efficient operation while still achieving superior performance compared to models using traditional internal combustion engines.

Alongside the new generation Dynamic Force engine, the 2022 Camry is also equipped with the Toyota Safety Sense safety technology package. This system can provide a range of attractive features, such as:

+ Pre-Collision System

+ Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

+ Lane Tracking Assist & Lane Departure Alert

+ Auto High Beam

This TSS safety technology package will ensure the safe operation of the car, minimize the possibility of collisions, especially in complex conditions such as urban traffic in Vietnam or unfavorable weather conditions like rain, night… Along with Corolla Cross, Corolla Altis, Fortuner, Hilux, Veloz Cross, the Camry continues to achieve the goal of popularizing safety features across the entire range of the brand’s products in the Vietnam market, placing user safety as a top priority.

Quick summary, it is not unreasonable that the Camry can maintain its leading position in the D-segment sedan segment and hold the top position in business. Along with the durable, smooth, and passenger-oriented elements, the current 2022 Camry has been transformed with a sporty spirit, an exciting driving experience, and prioritizing safety technology for passengers.

With a starting price from 1.05 billion VND, the Toyota Camry 2022 is a very worthwhile and comprehensive choice, more youthful and personalization to compete with competitors.

Anh Phan (Tuoitrethudo)