During the world tour trip, the prestigious Tourbillon watch met with collectors and enthusiasts in Vietnam on the masterpiece Rolls-Royce Boat Tail.

On April 26, boutique showroom Rolls-Royce Motor Cars HCMC was honored to be chosen by Bovet 1822 as the next stop on the global journey of the famous Boat Tail watches. At the exhibition, Mr. Romain Milet – CEO of Asia-Pacific region of Bovet 1822, solemnly introduced the legendary watch pair on the Rolls-Royce Boat Tail – the world’s most expensive commercial car. In addition, Bovet 1822 also brought an attractive collection, fully conveying the essence and philosophy of the brand.

An introduction and exhibition of the watch pair artwork crafted by Bovet 1822 exclusively for the Boat Tail project took place at the boutique showroom Rolls-Royce HCMC.

Mr. Romain Milet personally shared and spoke about the history as well as the essence of watchmaking technology on the Bovet 1822 Boat Tail.

“The combination of Bovet 1822 and Rolls-Royce is a special and countless emotion. Both brands share the same values, which are artistic value, heritage value, and the beauty of craftsmanship – one of the most beautiful things in human civilization. This project is connected by the owner of the Boat Tail – not only a car collector but also a watch collector. He chose Bovet 1822 as the watchmaker to place the watch pair on the Boat Tail dashboard. That is Bespoke, all artistic ideas, desires of guests are diligently perfected in the most meticulous and comprehensive way. The Boat Tail project together with the watch pair has never been done until now, and we believe, together with Rolls-Royce, we have created a masterpiece of art in the most perfect way to deliver an unforgettable experience to the owner.”

Mr. Romain Milet, Brand Manager of Bovet 1822 in Asia-Pacific region, shared at the exhibition event held at the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars HCMC showroom.

Rolls-Royce is Bespoke. Once coming to Rolls-Royce, our customers always expect and trust us at Rolls-Royce in terms of Bespoke capability. The Boat Tail masterpiece is a work from the legendary Coachbuild capability and the mastery of watchmaking as well as the powertrain at Bovet 1822. The watch pair is one of over 1,800 details in the Boat Tail masterpiece, and it is a masterpiece. The combination of selected materials with the details of the car achieves the expectations of the owner. Bespoke is not only a choice of color and material but also imbues the soul, emotions of Rolls-Royce owners into every masterpiece. Bovet 1822, along with Rolls-Royce, crafted a work according to the owner’s requirements by artists, engineers, designers with the desire to perfect the owner’s ideas in the most perfect way, bringing unforgettable experiences. Over 3,000 hours invested with gray matter, dedication, and passionate enthusiasm, we are proud of the Boat Tail masterpiece as well as appreciate what Bovet 1822 brings to cooperate and complete this special project.”

Ms. Tú Lê, Chief Brand Officer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars HCMC shared.

Ms. Tú Lê, CEO of S&S Automotive, presented the shared values that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and House of Bovet 1822 have.

The Bovet 1822 watch brand is known for its mastery of traditional watchmaking. With a history of two centuries, the brand is always at the forefront of creative design and sustainable development of various arts and crafts such as sculpture, miniature painting, and the combination of different materials. Not only in terms of the artistic appearance of the watch, Bovet 1822 also always focuses on the quality of each movement they make. The traditional mechanical watch on the car dashboard is not simple because the moving space in the car is completely different from wearing a watch on the wrist, due to the impact of vibration (when the car starts and moves), humidity, and magnetic force. Bovet 1822 has succeeded in researching and crafting a watch pair that meets all the different needs and conditions on the Boat Tail model in terms of technicality and functionality. The watch pair also possesses the Tourbillon detail – an extremely complex detail to minimize the impact of magnetic force to make the watch movement operate accurately.

In addition, Bovet 1822 owns the Amadéo integrated strap system patented, which has made it possible for the watch to be detached, turning the watch face into a pocket watch and a desk watch with just one action without the need for any supporting devices. Moreover, with the watch pair exclusively for Boat Tail – also becomes the watch attached to the car dashboard thanks to the support detail installed inside the car, making it easy to remove the watch for wristwear or placement on the table without affecting the quality of the powertrain operation.

The exhibition aims to introduce the Bespoke capability of the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars brand, emphasizing that Bespoke is not only about choosing from 44,000 available colors or various materials but also about other details that have never existed and are proposed from guests. The Boat Tail is a typical example of unlimited Bespoke capability, from the frame, color, added details such as champagne cabinets, outdoor seats, and sunshades are integrated on the car based on the owner’s desires.

Guests experience the Bespoke world of Rolls-Royce through the Phantom Extended VIII model at the exhibition.

At the event, guests can also directly access the Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended VIII model with Bespoke details.

Here, guests can directly admire the Rolls-Royce Phantom Extended VIII with Bespoke details and listen to the brand’s values ​​from Rolls-Royce HCMC consultants.

Guests experience firsthand the special Bovet 1822 watch pair exclusively for the Boat Tail and admire the extremely exquisite details.

Design for the Boat Tail owner with meticulously carved details, simulating the car itself. These patterns are entirely handcrafted, meticulously engraving complete details of the wheels, door handles, mirrors, and other details.

The watch version for the female owner is decorated with a small painting featuring an intricately decorated bouquet on a guilloché dial. This design is a traditional pattern of BOVET 1822, personally selected and personalized by the owner’s request.

In addition to the special watch pair on the Boat Tail, S&S Group also introduced a unique collection of other Bovet 1822 versions to many collectors and enthusiasts of timepieces.

Mr. Romain Milet conveyed the enthusiasm and passion of the Bovet 1822 brand to honorable guests, especially the generation of young collectors in the S-shaped country.

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