Dizzying experience for passengers as flights at Tan Son Nhat Airport are forced to reschedule

Due to inclement weather, a number of flights from Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City to various provinces and cities have been delayed, causing inconvenience to waiting passengers.


This morning (2/2), Ms. Vo Thi Ngoc Sam (from Quang Nam) had a flight from Tan Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh City) to Chu Lai airport (Quang Nam) at 12 o’clock.

The airline informed this passenger that due to the weather, the flight was delayed by 30 minutes, taking off at 12:30, and then announced another change in flight time to 15:30. By around 11 o’clock, this passenger unexpectedly received a notification that the flight time was changed to 12:30, as previously announced.

“Luckily, I prepared to go to the airport early, didn’t have time to read the message, so I arrived on time for the flight and made it back home for Tet. The constantly changing schedule made me dizzy. Finally, the flight took off at 1:30, over 1 hour later than the airline’s announcement” – Ms. Sam said.

Many passengers were affected by the delayed flights. Photo: Huu Huy.

On the night of 1/1 to the morning of 2/2, a series of flights departing from Tan Son Nhat Airport to Hanoi, Thanh Hoa, and Nghe An were delayed, causing passengers to wait for a long time.

Information from Vietnam Airlines stated that due to the influence of fog and bad weather at Noi Bai Airport (Hanoi), Tho Xuan (Thanh Hoa), Vinh (Nghe An), Phu Bai (Hue), Vietnam Airlines had to adjust the departure time, delaying 2 to 6 hours for flights to and from these airports in the morning and morning of February 2, 2024. In total, there were 8 flights from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh, Thanh Hoa, and Hue delayed.

“We regret having to change our operating plan due to weather conditions and hope to receive passengers’ understanding” – Vietnam Airlines apologized to the passengers.

The Vietnam Aviation Corporation reported that on the morning of February 2, there were 38 flights from Noi Bai Airport heading to different locations affected, including 7 international flights. Currently, 5 flights have been diverted to alternative airports for landing.

Specifically, flights from Tan Son Nhat, Phu Bai, Can Tho, Lien Khuong, Da Nang, Cam Ranh, Pleiku to Noi Bai Airport will temporarily stop for waiting at the departure airport. It is expected that the flight with the longest delay time will take off about 50 minutes later than the original departure time.

Airlines recommend that rain and foggy weather may occur at airports in the Northern and Central regions in the next few days. Passengers who need to travel to the Northern provinces during this period should regularly monitor and update flight schedules and weather conditions.

Mr. Nguyen Van Son – Deputy Director of the Airport Operations Center, the Tan Son Nhat International Terminal – informed that during Tet Nguyen Dan 2024, the Tan Son Nhat International Terminal is expected to serve 800 – 900 flights per day.

On the peak day (27th of the last lunar month), there will be nearly 930 flights with the total number of passengers, both international and domestic, arriving and departing in a day of over 150 thousand people, an increase of 9-10% compared to last year. The sharp increase in passengers during the Tet holiday has caused the airport to be overloaded, and the units are making every effort to serve the people.

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