50% Off Lunar New Year Sale for Workers

Workers are offered discounted Tet shopping and participate in joyful Spring activities organized by the Dong Nai Labor Union.


As part of the “Tet sum vay – Spring sharing” activities to take care of Tet for union members and workers, on 2 days (February 3 and 4), at the headquarters of the Bien Hoa Industrial Zone Labor Union, the Dong Nai Provincial Labor Union organized the “Vietnamese goods shipment” program to serve workers for shopping for the Giap Thin Lunar New Year 2024.

Workers choose to buy discounted Tet goods.

The program consists of nearly 30 booths with a variety of products to serve workers for end-of-year shopping. The products are offered at discounted prices (reduced by 15% – 30%), such as: Cakes, candies, essential goods, clothes, beverages. Some products are provided with shopping vouchers by the Labor Union at a discount of up to 50%.

Dong Nai Provincial Labor Union representatives giving Tet gifts to workers.

According to the Dong Nai Provincial Labor Union, to facilitate union members and workers in end-of-year shopping for essential items during the Tet holiday, the Provincial Labor Union is collaborating with other organizations to organize the “Vietnamese goods shipment” to meet the shopping needs of workers, especially those who are far from home for Tet.

In the program, the Dong Nai Provincial Labor Union also organizes family gatherings for workers, officials, and laborers in difficult circumstances with various activities such as traditional cooking competitions with 1,000 traditional square and cylinder-shaped sticky rice cakes to give to union members and workers, as well as giving gifts to those who have difficult circumstances and cannot return home for Tet.

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