A Bank Assistant Manager Deceives and Steals Over Billions of Dong

During his time as an assistant manager at a bank in Kon Tum province, Nguyen Van Ton provided false information in order to borrow money from customers to pay off the bank's debts. Trusting him, four individuals lent Ton over billions of Vietnamese dong.


On February 3rd, Kon Tum Provincial Police announced the initiation of a criminal case against the suspect Nguyen Van Ton (33 years old, residing in Kon Tum City) for the offense of “Fraudulent appropriation of property”.

The suspect Nguyen Van Ton at the investigative agency. Photo: Police

The investigative agency determined that in 2016, Ton borrowed money to invest in pig and cattle farming but incurred losses. By 2018, Ton continued to borrow money to buy a house in Kon Tum City; however, due to a lack of other sources of income, he became unable to repay the debts.

In 2022, in order to have money to repay the previous loans, Ton (who was a Deputy Head of Transactions at a bank) provided false information about needing money to renew the bank for customers. Four individuals trusted Ton and lent him money.

After receiving the money, Ton did not use it to renew the bank for customers but instead used it to repay debts to others and for personal consumption. According to the investigative agency, the total amount of money misappropriated by Ton from the victims is over 14 billion dong.

Currently, the case is under further investigation and clarification.

Kon Tum Provincial Police provided information that any victims related to the case should contact the Office of the Provincial Criminal Investigation Agency in Kon Tum Province to report, provide information, and receive guidance on resolution.

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