Lunar New Year Special: SHB Offers Attractive Gifts for Business Customers

From now until March 31, 2024, Sai Gon - Ha Noi Bank (SHB) is launching the Tet promotion "Fully charged - Embarking on a prosperous New Year" nationwide, offering various gifts and diverse discounts on products and services worth up to over 600 million VND for business customers.



Accordingly, SHB will present each business customer (KHDN) with 1 Beautiful Account and a 50% discount on opening another Beautiful Account based on the date of establishment, tax code, business registration… or numbers that carry the meaning of bringing luck and convenience in business and investment.

Customers who register to use the service during the program implementation will be exempt from the first year fees for the Combo Package Payment Account (TKTT), exempt from the first 3 years fees for the Centralized Account Management service, and exempt from the first year fees for the Account Identifying Collection Service.

The Combo TKTT package with 3 flexible options (B.Standard, B.Pro, B.Max) helps customers save up to 100% of the fees for transferring money via Internet Banking, and 70% of the fees for transferring money at the counter compared to registering for each individual product or service. In addition, customers only need to register once to use online and counter transactions for life.

Through the Centralized Account Management service, KHDN can conveniently manage and control the cash flow in the TKTT of member units through the automatic transfer feature. Customers can register for automatic transfers from the TKTT of member units to the TKTT of the Parent Company and vice versa. Meanwhile, with the account identifying collection service, the bank provides a more effective and optimized solution for business management compared to the current traditional methods. Revenue from business points/sales locations of customers will be automatically transferred to the Enterprise’s Account in real time. At the same time, customers can proactively manage the list of Identifying Accounts and monitor the cash flow anytime, anywhere based on the available features on SHB Internet Banking.

Especially, in order to accompany and timely support capital for customers, SHB continues to implement a credit program worth 10,000 billion VND with preferential interest rates from 6.63% for enterprises that have a need for working capital, and a credit package of 1,000 billion VND with interest rates from 7.5% per year for enterprises that borrow to buy cars. In particular, for Vinfast electric cars, SHB will support customers to borrow to buy cars and rent batteries for up to 5 years.

This preferential program promises to help the business community seize opportunities, supplement working capital to boost production and business at the end of the year, when Tet holiday is approaching.

Additionally, each customer only needs to perform at least one transaction at SHB such as: Open a new payment account, register for new Ibanking/Combo Payment Account services, term deposit, credit transaction… will immediately receive a gift of 1 Power Bank. Customers with multiple transactions may receive a maximum of 2 gifts during the program.

In addition, SHB is continuously upgrading its digital ecosystem, electronic banking services to help businesses conduct online transactions anytime, anywhere, such as foreign currency sales, international transfers, international payments… The bank also invests in designing models for approving online transactions that are suitable to the needs of businesses, with various authentication methods and high security.

Parallel to financial services, SHB proactively provides non-financial solutions, supports connecting input and output markets, provides free financial consulting and training, to ensure business strategies that are appropriate for the current stage.

A representative from SHB’s leadership shared: “With the diversity of financial solutions and gift incentives on the occasion of Tet, SHB wishes to express gratitude and welcome the new year to customers who have always trusted and stayed with the bank. We are committed to accompanying customers to provide comprehensive financial solutions, contribute to optimizing costs, and improving business efficiency. We also hope to receive more trust and confidence from customers in the next stage of SHB’s development.”

After more than 30 years of construction and development, always prioritizing the interests of customers, SHB has and is constantly striving to provide a system of multi-utility financial products and services as well as balanced sources of funds at reasonable prices to support enterprises. Especially, SHB focuses on accompanying SMEs in priority sectors of the economy such as agriculture, forestry, fisheries, support industries, exports, clean energy, consumer goods, education, healthcare, environmentally friendly projects…, thereby contributing to the overall development of the economy and society.

For more information, customers can contact the website:, SHB’s transaction locations nationwide, or the hotline *6688 (24/7) for support.

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