Real estate tycoon announces low-interest, 15-year installment home buying program

Vinhomes has recently announced a new 15-year installment plan with a fixed interest rate of only 6% for the first 2 years in low-rise areas and 7% in high-rise areas.


On February 5, Vinhomes Joint Stock Company (Vinhomes) announced the “Luxury Home – Financial Peace of Mind” program. Under this program, customers who borrow from banks to buy Vinhomes homes will have the option to repay the loan for up to 15 years at a low fixed interest rate, equivalent to VND 15 million per month or more (including both principal and interest), without having to worry about market fluctuations.

With this program, Vinhomes homebuyers only need to prepare self-owned capital equivalent to 30% of the apartment value. The remaining amount will be supported by bank loans with repayment terms of up to 15 years. Particularly, in the first 2 years, Vinhomes guarantees a fixed interest rate at 6% per year for low-rise areas and 7% per year for high-rise areas.

After 2 years, the interest rate will be based on the market, but with the maximum benefit for customers. Specifically, if the actual bank interest rate is lower, buyers will benefit from the applicable bank interest rate.

If the actual bank interest rate is higher, buyers are still guaranteed to only pay a maximum interest rate of 8% per year for low-rise areas or 9.5% per year for high-rise areas.

Vinhomes will be responsible for paying any difference in interest rates to the bank, if any.

Light Capital Square, a 3.2 ha square with a 50 m high Light God statue at Vinhomes Ocean Park 2

Vinhomes’ new sales policy opens up unprecedented homeownership opportunities for residents, with a very small monthly installment of at least VND 15 million (including both principal and interest) to own a high-class living space.

The “Luxury Home – Financial Peace of Mind” program is currently applicable to Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 townhouses, The Zenpark apartments – Vinhomes Ocean Park 1 (Hanoi), or The Beverly apartments – Vinhomes Grand Park (Ho Chi Minh City). These are the most sought-after projects and districts of Vinhomes and the real estate market in general, thanks to their high-class living environment and guaranteed profitability.

Ms. Nguyen Thu Hang – General Director of Vinhomes Joint Stock Company, said that Vinhomes is actively cooperating with credit institutions to promote this model across most Vinhomes projects nationwide, in order to provide homeownership opportunities for a larger number of people.

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