Lucky Breaks and Prosperity Await with Real Estate Investments and Home Construction in the Year of Giap Thin 2024

Buying land and building a house is a significant task in one's lifetime. Therefore, before taking action in 2024, homeowners need to carefully consider the aspect of feng shui to attract good luck and abundance of wealth.


According to the belief of Vietnamese people, the main purpose of viewing age for building houses, buying real estate is to choose the compatible time to implement “smooth sailing”. More importantly, people who build houses, buy real estate need to avoid conflicting time periods to avoid obstacles and failures.

According to feng shui, buying real estate, building houses is classified as an important part of everyone’s life. Therefore, building houses, buying real estate in a compatible year, the work will be successful, meeting many lucky opportunities, having a peaceful family, … If unfortunate, the homeowner also has helpful people. However, building houses, buying real estate in a conflicting year is easy to encounter bad luck, complicated work, family disputes, …

Viewing the age of building houses, buying real estate includes many criteria to consider such as the age of the homeowner, the fate star, the house design, the direction of the house. However, the 3 main and important prohibitions to avoid are Kim Lau, Hoang Oc, Tam Tai.

Accordingly, the age of violating Kim Lau is not advised to build houses, buy real estate. Kim Lau has several types such as Kim Lau 1 (Kim Lau Thân): Building houses, buying real estate at this age will harm the builder (sickness, accidents, …).

Kim Lau 3 (Kim Lau Thê): Brings disasters to the wife. Kim Lau 6 (Kim Lau tử): Harmful to children. Kim Lau 8 (Kim Lau Lục Súc): Harmful to pets, unlucky in business.

As for the age of violating Hoang Oc, it means the house is deserted. Abandoned house is a place of ghosts. Therefore, avoid building houses in the year of violating Hoang Oc. For the Tam Tai year, building houses, buying real estate is likely to encounter unforeseen misfortunes.

Feng shui expert Pham Cuong.

According to feng shui expert Pham Cuong, in 2024, those ages not affected by Kim Lau, Hoang Oc can start construction, building houses. From there, help the homeowners attract more luck and abundance. Specifically, the good ages to build houses in 2024 are 1946 (Binh Tuat), 1949 (Ky Suu), 1955 (AtMui), 1957 (Dinh Dau), 1958 (Mau Tuat), 1966 (Binh Ngo), 1967 (Dinh Mui), 1973 (Quy Suu), 1982 (Nham Tuat), 1985 (At Suu), 1991 (Tan Mui), 1994 (Giap Tuat) …

In addition, with real estate investment, feng shui expert Pham Cuong said, in this year there are some good ages in terms of wealth, can boldly invest more in business than other ages. They are some ages with the word Giap, people with birth years ending with the number 4. For example, Giap ty (1984), Giap Tuat (1994)…

Notably, among the Giap ages, Giap Dan (1974) and Giap Than (2004) have more opportunities. In addition, ages Dinh, Ky or Quy are also some easy ages to make a fortune this year. Among them, the priority is given to the age of Dinh Hoi (2007), Ky Hoi (1959), Quy Hoi (1983).