86 Stocks Delisted from HoSE Margin Trading: HAG, FRT, HVN, and Other Popular Stocks Affected


The Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HoSE) has recently updated the list of stocks ineligible for margin trading, with SBV stock being added due to the company receiving tax authorities’ conclusions regarding tax violations.

As of May 8, the total number of stocks ineligible for margin trading stands at 86, including popular names such as HAG, HNG, FRT, HBC, POM, TDH, HVN, DXS, and VTP. The main reasons for this situation include semi-annual audit losses for 2023, semi-annual financial statements for 2023 with auditors’ opinions, annual audit losses for 2023, annual audited financial statements for 2023 with auditors’ opinions, and stocks subject to warning/control/restricted trading/trading suspension. Additionally, some stocks have been listed for less than six months.

Stocks like C32, DQC, DRH, DTL, FCN, and FIT have been removed from margin trading eligibility due to negative post-tax profits of the parent company on the audited consolidated financial statements for 2023. For the remaining stocks, the reason for the margin cut is that the 2023 consolidated financial statements have opinions that are not entirely acceptable to the auditing organization.

Companies that have received conclusions from tax authorities regarding tax law violations, such as VNL and DMC, also face restrictions on margin trading for their stocks.

Some publicly offered investment funds, including FUEIP100, FURKIV30, FUEMAVND, and FUECV50, have had at least one month where the net asset value (NAV) per fund certificate was lower than the par value, based on the monthly net asset value change report for three consecutive months.

Stocks highlighted in yellow are those removed from margin trading for multiple reasons.

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