The possibility of dividend distribution is being considered as by the end of 2023, The World Mobile has over 8,000 billion VND of undistributed post-tax profits.
MWG's online revenue in 2023 has decreased by 11% compared to the same period last year. The retailer expects to continue growing online sales and estimates the contribution of the online channel to the revenue of various product categories from 5% to 30%, amidst intense competition in the e-commerce market.
Witnessing many stalled foundation positions after more than 2 months of handover, with transportation routes for equipment and materials yet to be opened for construction... Mr. Nguyen Tuan Tung - Chairman of the National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) - urgently demands the replacement of the contractor responsible for carrying out these 2 foundation positions.
Thanh Hoa province will select an investor to implement the LNG Nghi Son thermal power plant project in the Nghi Son Economic Zone in the second quarter of 2024.
Mr. Le Ba Nguyen has held various leadership positions at FLC and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of BOS Securities.
Trần Quí Thanh, former director of Tân Hiệp Phát Trading and Services Company, along with his two daughters and accomplices, faces allegations of embezzling over 1,000 billion VND from four individuals through credit abuse.
Helping Mrs. Truong My Lan embezzle over 4,750 billion VND from SCB Bank, Mr. Duong Tan Truoc, CEO of Tuong Viet Company, was granted nearly 2,700 billion VND.
Despite the changing market, this taxi company has managed to maintain its position of strength.
"The current challenge in addressing real estate credit or real estate bond issues largely depends on resolving the legal obstacles of specific projects that have been implemented based on outdated or existing regulations, to enable these projects to access credit, proceed with development, and be put up for sale," stated Mr. Nguyen Quang Thuan, CEO of FiinRatings, emphasizing the importance of legal clearance in the real estate industry.