[CAR REVIEW] Ford Ranger 2023: Living up to its “king of pickups” reputation

With a plethora of remarkable upgrades in terms of body shape and design, as well as the addition of convenient and modern equipment, the all-new 2023 Ford Ranger is undoubtedly poised to maintain its position as the "king of sales" in the pickup truck segment in the Vietnamese market.

[Car Review] All-new Honda HR-V 2022: The Perfect Urban Crossover for Young Buyers

Compared to its rival crossover models in the sub-1 billion VND price range, the Honda HR-V can be considered a highly comprehensive choice with a clear focus on young urban customers.

[CAR REVIEW] Introducing the brand new 2022 Honda HR-V: A complete transformation from the...

Following in the footsteps of its popular sibling, the CR-V, Honda Vietnam has recently introduced the second generation of the HR-V crossover. With its modern design, enhanced features, and most notably, the Honda Sensing safety package, the HR-V is set to become a top choice for car enthusiasts.

[QUICK REVIEW] Toyota Camry 2.0 Q 2022: “All-around performance”

The Toyota Camry 2022 has undergone a youthful, more stylish design, with an enhanced range of amenities and improved driving experience thanks to its new engine and transmission system. It is evident that the Camry has been rejuvenated and now offers a comprehensive package, posing a challenge to its competitors in the same segment.

[CAR REVIEW] VinFast Lux SA: still a budget-friendly SUV worth every penny

After 4 years of existence and 3 years on the market, the VinFast Lux SA still remains a highly attractive brand and an exceptional car in its price range. Despite being officially "discontinued", it continues to be a worthy option in the used car market. A Lux SA with over 70,000km on the clock and several previous owners still maintains its solid and robust performance.

Toyota Corolla Altis 2022: A Japanese car that stands out

Completely refreshed from the inside out, with a sleek new design, luxurious interior, and modern features including the active safety technology package TSS and fuel-efficient hybrid engine, the Corolla Altis is truly a comprehensive model in the Vietnamese market, stirring up the compact sedan segment with its reasonable price.

How to Charge an Electric Car Battery for Long-Lasting and Durable Use

Unlike gasoline cars, electric cars have a complex structure that requires users to have knowledge of charging methods, optimal charging times, and calculating the distance to travel in order to make the most of the electric vehicle.

Smith Club’s Insulation Film Experience

Another summer is approaching. The question of which window tinting solution is hotter than ever, especially amidst a maze of high-quality products currently available on the market. Which one truly stands out as a top-notch, suitable solution for your beloved car?

[CAR REVIEW] Honda RS Touring 2022: Unleashing the Thrill of Speed and Emotion

Join the "Honda RS Touring 2022" adventure to conquer the coastal roads along the breathtaking Central Vietnam, and witness the stunning beauty of our country. Let the emotions overflow and transform into pure joy as you take the wheel and experience the exhilarating speed of Honda RS models.

Top 10 Best Cars for Q3 2022

The following ranking has been compiled by Motor1 - one of the most reputable automotive information websites in the world. This list includes the best-rated car models by experts and consumers in the third quarter of 2022.
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