Auctioned again, super license plate 30K-555.55 sold for nearly 14.5 billion VND, 300 million...

The highly sought-after VIP license plate, with less than 8 minutes left in the auction, has reached a staggering bid of over 14 billion Vietnamese dong. With only 52 minutes remaining, the bidding was not particularly lively, and it was not until the final 3 seconds that someone made two bids, ultimately winning the auction for the license plate 30K-555.55 for a whopping 14,495 billion dong.

Auction Replay: License Plate 98A-666.66 Sells for 3.045 Billion VND, Cooling Down 30 Million...

In the first auction, the license plate with the special number "98A" from Bac Giang province was sold for the highest bid of 3,075 billion VND. In the second auction, this license plate was successfully auctioned off at a price of 3,045 billion VND.

Luxury Bedding Mogul Goes All Out: Buys 2 Rolls-Royce Spectres to Become First Owner

A bedding mogul has temporarily purchased a standard configuration luxury car, making him the first person in the US to own the Rolls-Royce Spectre.

Dream car Pagani Huayra for sale, Cường “Đô-la” switches to driving the 2023 Range...

If there were a Pagani Huayra transfer between Minh "Nhựa" and Cường "Đô-la", this would probably be shocking news for car enthusiasts in 2023. Prior to this, Đàm Thu Trang's husband had also handed over a Ferrari F8 Tributo supercar to Minh "Nhựa".

Hanoi and Thanh Hoa license plates sold for over VND 100 million in the...

Compared to previous auction days, in the car license plate auction on November 7th, no license plate was sold for over 400 million VND. This is not surprising as the plates being auctioned were not particularly unique or special.

Lexus RX350 2023 – Get Your Hands on License Plate 36A-990.99 at an Incredible...

The decision to allow citizens to bid for car license plates has created opportunities for many wealthy individuals to easily acquire their desired fancy plates. One such example is a millionaire from Thanh Hoa province who won the bid for the license plate "36A-990.99" and proudly affixed it to his newly purchased Lexus RX350, which cost him over 3.43 billion dong.

Auction: License plate 51K-868.68 – First round bid of over 4.8 billion VND is...

The lucky number plate with the code 51K-868.68 in Ho Chi Minh City was sold for nearly 7 billion VND in a license plate auction on November 10, becoming a rare and highly priced auctioned plate.

Introducing the Real-Life Hyundai Santa Fe 2024 Plug-In Hybrid

Recently, the latest images of the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid plug-in model have been released by the Korean media.

Newly Revealed: Honda CR-V 2023 Spotted on Transportation Route in Indonesia

The all-new 6th generation Honda CR-V 2023 has recently been spotted in transit in Indonesia, hinting at its imminent launch in the country. Stay tuned for its much-anticipated debut in this upcoming destination.

Toyota Innova EV Spotted Testing on Indonesian Roads

Toyota is currently conducting road tests for its pure electric Innova model in Indonesia.
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