Looking back on 75 years of Jeep’s history

To commemorate its 75th birthday, Jeep has created a video that looks back on the iconic vehicles that have defined its journey and growth.

Vietnamese drivers traverse the Truong Son mountain range on a wire

In the victory of April 30th, which liberated the South and reunified the country, the Vietnamese people achieved extraordinary feats. The story of the truck driver overcoming the 2 cables on the Truong Son Range is a testament to that.

Nissan SUV – A 65-Year Legacy Journey from Japan

Having traveled a 65-year journey of inheritance and development, the renowned legacy in the 4WD field has played a significant role in shaping Nissan's SUV lineup. Starting from the Jeep-inspired first-generation Patrol in the 1950s to the contemporary models like Murano, Juke, and X-trail, Nissan's heritage in the SUV segment has evolved remarkably. Let's take a closer look at Nissan's journey in the SUV domain and discover some fascinating insights below.

Video: Driving Experience “Crossing” Truong Son

Vietnam's people achieved a miraculous feat 40 years ago when they liberated the South and unified the country. The contribution to that great victory must include the drivers who traversed the Truong Son Road to save our nation.

When was Yamaha’s first motorcycle created?

The Yamaha motorbike brand has become popular in Vietnam, but few know when the first Yamaha bike was born and what its name is?

Marvel at the “super durable” trucks of Dien Bien era

Talking about the transport vehicles that contributed to the victory at Dien Bien Phu, the generation of old soldiers surely cannot forget the name Gaz-63.

The story behind Audi’s four-circle logo

The tale of the four equally-sized interlocking circles logo of Audi is a compelling piece of history.

When was the driver’s license created?

The world's first driver's license was issued 130 years ago, in 1888.

The meaning behind the brand name Kia

Not many people know that the name "Kia" is derived from two characters in Chinese, "ki" meaning "growth" and "a" meaning "Asia". Therefore, Kia can be roughly translated as "Growth beyond Asia".

Mazda wiped out by atomic bomb

Mazda's history tells the tale of a car manufacturer that once faced a setback of 15 years due to the devastating atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima by the United States. However, it miraculously rose from the rubble and emerged stronger than ever.
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