The rising popularity of cars brings back the trend of the ‘ninja’ fashion style

In the past, "car clothes" were not only a symbol of status but also a way to show off and make others envious. They were highly coveted and regarded as a sign of luxury.

Billionaire’s Online Purchase of Vintage Porsche Ends in Bitter Disappointment

Blinded by the seller’s reputation, billionaire insurance magnate Andreas Pohl received the most bitter experience of his car collecting life when he neglected to carefully read the contract.

Justin Bieber transforms Lincoln Continental into a low-riding beast

In addition to its newly lowered suspension system, Justin Bieber's Lincoln Continental is also painted in a sleek matte black color and features large chrome wheels.

Russian mechanic transforms Daewoo Matiz into pickup truck

For some reason, Russian mechanics seem to find the Daewoo Matiz suitable as a pickup truck. I don't know why, but they do.

Mercedes-Benz Collection: A Dust-Covered Masterpiece Leaving Many in Awe

Putting in a lot of effort to collect these Mercedes-Benz cars, but it seems like the owner of the collection doesn't care about taking care of their precious rides.

Classic Two-wheeled Vintage Cars Sold at Shocking Prices?

A bizarre-looking car, produced over 50 years ago, is now up for sale at an astronomical price of $5 million.

Marvel at a man’s antique car collection in Hanoi: A wide range of famous...

The deep love for vintage motorcycles has driven Bui Van Cuong (from Hoang Mai district, Hanoi) to passionately collect and restore hundreds of these vehicles.

Nostalgic Land Rover: Heart as a Steam Engine, Looks “Terrifying” but Surprisingly Slower than...

The United Kingdom is an extraordinary country. And nothing proves that more than a passionate engine enthusiast who has converted their Land Rover to run on steam.

Rapper Binz flaunts his multimillion-dollar vintage car with a striking new look

Continuing his unique style, rapper Binz has opted to change the paint color of his car using the decal wrapping method.

Surprising Price of Porsche Cars That You Would Never Expect

A rusty Porsche 356 A Speedster has found a new owner for a whopping $152,700, equivalent to 3.4 billion Vietnamese dong, almost completely covered in rust.
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