After four consecutive hikes, fuel prices took a turn on July 11th, with a unanimous drop across the board. Specifically, E5RON92 gasoline decreased by VND 179 per liter, while RON95-III gasoline witnessed a more significant drop of VND 258 per liter. Similarly, various types of oils experienced reductions ranging from VND 178 to VND 342 per liter, except for 180CST 3.5S madut oil, which saw a slight increase of VND 250 per kg compared to the current base price.
The authorities in Quang Binh province have made the decision to destroy two luxury vehicles with unclear chassis and engine numbers, suspected of being smuggled and not meeting the technical requirements for roadworthiness. The decision to destroy these vehicles is in line with legal regulations and serves as a strong statement against illegal activities.
The Galaxy Watch7 and Watch Ultra are game-changers for Samsung's smartwatch lineup, offering significant upgrades that truly set them apart from their predecessor, the Watch4.
The top economies of the world, including the likes of the USA, China, and Japan, are willing to spend billions of dollars on this particular group of exports from Vietnam.
The Green Energy Forum, with the theme "Prospects for New Energy Development - International Experience and Effective Strategies for Vietnam", is hosted by the Vietnam Economic Times - VnEconomy, in collaboration with the Climate Change Bureau, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The forum, which will be livestreamed on, the VnEconomy Fanpage, and the VnEconomy YouTube channel, among other platforms, at 9:00 AM on July 11, 2024, aims to provide insights into the development of new energy sources and explore effective strategies for Vietnam's energy future, drawing on international experiences.
"Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Le Minh Hoan, emphasized that businesses have the freedom to collaborate with multiple research institutes, and vice versa. This dynamic creates a marketplace where supply and demand drive innovation. Merely stopping at collaboration is insufficient for long-term success."
In July 2024, the average daily electricity consumption across the system is expected to reach approximately 920.5 million kWh per day, marking a significant 10.15% increase compared to the same period in 2023.
According to a report by the Vietnam Automobile Manufacturing Association (VAMA), its members sold 603,127 units in Q2 2024, an increase compared to the same period last year, but a slight dip compared to the preceding quarter (Q1 2024) which saw 603,745 units sold.
When encountering such a situation, it is advisable for mobile phone users to visit a bank branch in person to receive assistance with verification.