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The Mystery of Dead Lobsters in Phu Yen: Unraveling the Cause

The Aquaculture Research Institute 3 and the People's Committee of Song Cau Town (Phu Yen Province) have released the results of their recent survey and sample testing of the mass deaths of lobsters. The cause of the sudden deaths of lobsters and caged marine fish was not disease, but rather a number of environmental factors that were not up to par.

The Ultimate Guide to the Swiss Masters: A Showcase of Their Finest Sports Watches

The allure of sports watches is undeniable, and they always steal the show at the Watches & Wonders exhibitions. This year in Geneva, it was the fresh designs from powerhouse brands Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and Chopard that took center stage and captivated audiences.

The Affordable Auto Market Shuffle

The launch of the VinFast VF 3 mini electric car has shaken up the affordable car segment. With its competitive pricing and innovative features, VinFast has forced other automakers to rethink their strategies and slash prices to stay in the game. This bold move by VinFast has sparked a price war in the industry, offering consumers more choices and better value for their money.

The Sweet Arrival of Plums in Saigon: A Tasty Treat for All

The vast majority of traditional markets and street-side vendors in Ho Chi Minh City sell a type of plum known as "Man Hau" or "Son La" plum. However, prices vary wildly, with some sellers offering it for as little as VND 15,000 per kilogram, while others advertise it for as much as VND 50,000 per kilogram.

A Bright Outlook for Exports

To sustain the momentum of export growth, the Ministry of Industry and Trade will assist businesses in making a strategic shift towards formal exports, with a keen focus on brand development.