To achieve the goal of expanding the bond market scale to a minimum of 25% of GDP by 2030, attractive mechanisms to encourage long-term investment are essential, according to Dr. Chu Van Lam, Editor-in-Chief of the Vietnam Economic Times.
Today's breakthrough efforts faced more obstacles, with the market experiencing several downturns. Despite this, the VN-Index managed its fourth consecutive gain, thanks to the resilient rotation of key stocks.
The securities companies sponsored almost VND 500 million for students to open trading accounts and start investing to find the winner of the 2024 Stock Investment Contest.
The safe-haven status of gold is witnessing a surge as the helicopter carrying Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi crashed on Sunday amid heavy fog.
On May 17, in Hanoi, Vietnam Economic Magazine/VnEconomy, in collaboration with Moody's Ratings and VIS Rating, hosted a seminar titled "Developing the Corporate Bond Market towards 2030: A Perspective from Credit Ratings."
The challenge is formidable: to achieve this goal, an average of VND 370 trillion in bonds will need to be issued annually over the next eight years, matching the issuance level of the peak year of 2020.
The market witnessed a thrilling start to the morning session, with the VN-Index surging 0.95%, or over 12 points, in the first 5 minutes of trading. A strong buying momentum was met with substantial profit-taking, driving volume to the highest level in 20 sessions. However, by the end of the morning session, the index had narrowed its gains to just over half its peak, rising 5.65 points.
The sell-side of foreign matching orders was dominated by the banking group. Top sell-side stocks included VHM, CTG, VPB, KBC, BID, CMG, MBB, PVD, and VRE.
Today's momentum-driven rally lacked the expected vigor, yet several stocks displayed resilience. Blue-chips faltered, and the F1 basis turned negative, but the futures volume remained low. It appears the underlying market still has some upside potential.
The State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) has unveiled its latest divestment list for 2024, featuring 31 enterprises, including 8 listed companies. This move is part of SCIC's strategic initiative to restructure its investment portfolio and streamline its assets.