Do not enter the Certificate of Registration serial number on the TTDK application, your...

The purpose of this job is to reduce the number of virtual bookings taking place on the online vehicle inspection appointment system, which is affecting the vehicle owners who need to get their vehicles inspected for real.

From June 3, 2023, private cars with up to 9 seats, not engaged in...

The inspection agency will organize an information retrieval system regarding the validity period of certification documents and inspection stickers. They will provide an account for vehicle owners to easily search and access this information.

From 1/8, the maximum driving test fee increases by 50,000 dong

In accordance with the regulations of the newly released Circular 37/2023, the examination fees for most types of vehicles, ranging from motorcycles to cars, have increased.

Video: Electric car loses battery on the road

Fortunately, there were no accidents or fires after the electric car dropped its battery.

Upgrading to the new version, what does the Yamaha Grande 2022 have to compete...

Not only boasting a sleeker design than before, the 2022 Yamaha Grande also brings some exciting changes, promising to captivate the attention of Vietnamese customers, especially women.

What is the quick shifter system on large displacement motorcycles? Should it be revered...

Quick Shifter is a cutting-edge technology designed for racing enthusiasts who crave instant responsiveness, higher speeds, and an exhilarating ride. It's a game-changer for bikers who want to take their bike's performance to the next level and experience a thrilling ride like never before.

Top 8 Mistakes Every Biker Should Avoid for a Perfect Ride

Whether you're a newbie biker or an experienced rider, there are certain things that we should all avoid.

Top 6 Chinese Motorcycle Models That Won’t Disappoint

Chinese-made cars often stand out for their stylish designs, affordable prices, and modern features. However, they have struggled to gain recognition in many global markets.

How to store motorcycles, scooters during lockdown period?

Motorcycles and scooters, when left unused for extended periods of time, can also cause various damages which can be costly for the owners.

Common GPX Legend classic motorcycle issues and easy fixes

The GPX Legend motorcycle is notorious for its heavy clutch, squeaky brakes, sudden engine shutdown, and frequent throttle glitches.
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