Busting a near 4-ton fireworks production ring before Tet holiday

The Hưng Yên Provincial Police have recently cracked a case and arrested Nguyễn Thế Tú (born in 1994, from Hải Dương province), the perpetrator who was producing 368kg of homemade explosives intended for sale during the 2024 Lunar New Year holiday season.


The homemade explosive cache found in the suspect’s room.

On January 31st, the Economic Crimes, Corruption, Smuggling and Environmental Crime Investigation Unit (PC03) of the Hung Yen Provincial Police announced that they have recently dismantled an illegal firecracker manufacturing operation that was set to be distributed for the Lunar New Year festival.

In the morning of January 30th, a team from PC03 caught Nguyen The Tu (born 1994, from Hai Duong Province) in the act of transporting two crates suspected to contain illegal firecrackers away from a rental room in Nhan Hoa Ward (My Hao District) for distribution.

Upon inspection, the police found 116 round-shaped objects wrapped in grey wire, with one end attached to the objects and the other end sealed. The suspect admitted that he was transporting homemade firecrackers for sales.

Furthermore, during the search of the suspect’s rental room, the police found and seized 1,255 cylindrical objects with sealed ends and grey wires attached, all of which were homemade firecrackers.

The subsequent forensic examination confirmed that all of the cylindrical objects were manually assembled explosive devices, with a total weight of 368.7kg.

The Hung Yen Provincial Police have taken the suspect and the seized evidence to their headquarters for further investigation into the suspect’s involvement in this case.