Contrasting Scenes Before Tet: Goods pile up like mountains, deliveries rush like waterfalls, drivers make a fortune.

The overwhelming number of orders during Tet is causing headaches for both sellers and customers, as well as shipping companies seeking solutions.


A report by Google, Temasek & Bain states that about 57 million people in Vietnam will participate in online shopping in 2022, mainly in major cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang. With over half of the population shopping online and millions of individuals doing business without the need for a physical store… this is the factor driving the rapid development of the express delivery and transportation market in Vietnam.

However, the situation of overload and congestion during peak periods such as Tet Holiday still occurs. Recently, some warehouses of Giao hang tiet kiem had to close multiple routes to ensure inventory processing time, which has attracted a lot of attention, especially from small traders and customers.

The high demand for shopping before Tet holiday has put a strain on many warehouses and transportation units

The representative of Giao hang tiet kiem also shared that the increase in goods volume from e-commerce channels has led to a high impact on operational quality. To ensure delivery, the company had to temporarily suspend receiving orders in some areas, but reopened as soon as the situation was resolved, boosting the processing capacity to receive more orders and timely delivery for shop owners.

For the delivery and logistics sector, the end of the year is a golden period for businesses in the industry as the volume of transportation orders increases significantly compared to the previous month. However, this situation poses requirements and challenges for businesses to ensure service quality and serve customer needs.

In contrast to the scene of piled-up goods, Viettel Post said it can currently receive and process approximately 2 million orders during the peak period near Tet, double the number of orders Viettel Post serves each day over the past 27 years.

In 2023, Viettel Post said the company has applied many new technologies in operations, especially the use of intelligent splitting technology at Quang Minh (Hanoi), which has shortened the overall delivery time through Viettel Post by 8-10 hours, increased efficiency by 3.5 times, and nearly zero error rate. The mobile application serving the work of postmen also has features such as routing, planning the shortest and fastest routes, integrating QR code payment feature, convenient for delivery and receipt of goods.

In addition, to ensure labor productivity and income of Viettel Post postmen during peak periods, their income can increase by 40-60% compared to normal, depending on the volume.

The reception, classification, storage, and transportation of goods during Tet holiday have been prepared and planned by many transport companies in specific stages. However, most of them will stop receiving inter-provincial and city orders from the end of January to ensure delivery before Tet. Domestic orders should be created before February 4th to ensure fast delivery. In addition, orders created and sent close to the holiday will be recommended to be stored and delivered after Tet when the transport units resume work.

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