Couple Charged after Declaring a Pool Worth Over 49 Billion VND

With hundreds of participants, our organization is known for hosting multiple rope jumping events. However, due to financial difficulties, the owners of the organization have announced their inability to cover the costs totaling over 49 billion VND.


On February 1st, the Investigation Agency of Dong Nai Provincial Police decided to initiate criminal proceedings and arrest Trần Quốc Huy (37 years old, residing in Bảo Vinh ward, Long Khanh City) for investigation into the charge of fraud and property misappropriation.

In addition, Nguyễn Thị Hoài Hương, the wife of Huy, who is also charged with the same offenses, has been placed under house arrest. The Police have conducted searches at their workplace and their residence to facilitate the investigation process.

The court reads the arrest warrant for Trần Quốc Huy

According to the preliminary investigation, in late May 2023, hundreds of people participated in the fraudulent schemes operated by Huy and his wife at the Huy Thinh Phat Real Estate Business Office (Hamlet 3, Lộ 25 Commune, Thong Nhat District, Dong Nai Province) to demand money. The police have worked with, recorded the statements, and received 289 complaints from the people, which are then handed over to the Provincial Police for investigation into the fraud charges.

The Investigation Agency of Dong Nai Provincial Police determined that from 2019 to the time of the incident, Huy and his wife had organized fraudulent schemes for people in Dong Nai Province and neighboring provinces to participate in (weekly and monthly games) with contributions ranging from 1 to 100 million dong.

In early 2022, despite suffering losses and being unable to repay debts and make payments, Huy and his wife continued to operate multiple fraudulent schemes to misappropriate money from the participants. On May 26th, 2023, Huy posted a message on social media announcing the collapse of the schemes, which aroused the anger of many people who then came to Huy’s office to demand their money back.

According to the investigation conducted by the police, Huy and his wife misappropriated more than 49 billion dong from 337 individuals. Currently, the Investigation Agency of Dong Nai Provincial Police is continuing to gather and strengthen evidence and documentation to prosecute the case in accordance with the regulations.

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