Danang demolishes “waiting-to-collapse” apartment buildings

Three apartment complexes that were allocated for rent by the Da Nang City Hall since 2001 are now severely deteriorated and in need of relocation.


Mr. Phung Phu Phong, Director of the Department of Construction of Da Nang City, has signed a notice on the relocation and resettlement of 3 apartment complexes including Lam dac san Hoa Cuong, Thuan Phuoc (belonging to Hai Chau district), and Hoa Minh (Lien Chieu district).

All 3 apartment complexes are state-owned and have been allocated to poor households, resettlement households, and policy households of the city since 2001, with a total of 648 apartments and over 2,000 residents.

Hoa Minh Apartment Complex in serious degradation

All buildings in this area have been assessed and evaluated as Category C in terms of danger level since 2022. Therefore, the People’s Committee of Da Nang City has agreed to relocate and resettle to carry out demolition according to regulations.

In February, the Department of Construction and the Center for Housing Management and Operation, together with the districts, will survey the needs of residents to develop plans and organize relocation options.

Prior to this, the Department of Construction of Da Nang City has proposed to relocate these apartment complexes in the period of 2024-2025. Two options proposed by the Department of Construction are: residents either continue to rent apartments in other apartment complexes or buy social housing provided by the city.

As of the end of 2023, Da Nang City has invested and completed over 16,700 apartments, of which state budget has invested in over 12,000 apartments (accounting for about 80% of the social housing fund owned by the state nationwide).

Regarding state-owned social housing apartment complexes, the city is currently managing nearly 10,000 apartments, with a rental allocation of over 98%.

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